thread: taking drugs in the first trimester

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    Jun 2012

    taking drugs in the first trimester

    Im 19 years old and partied Alot drinking and taking
    Drugs, ofcourse I didn't know
    I was pregnant but with in the first four weeks took quite a few drugs
    From ecstasy to ice (terrible I know) bad crowd, in some
    Ways I see this as a blessing
    That has lead me away from that life. My nuchal scan results came back and I have a 1 in 84 chance of a chromosomal abnormality could this be because of the drugs in the first trimester. I am really worried these results are because of my stupidity although not knowing. I gave up smoking the day I found out I would never want to harm my baby in such a selfish way

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    Dec 2005
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    Maybe, maybe not. THere is really no way of knowing what could have given you a result like that. But look at them this way - there are 83 chances that your baby will be just fine.