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    I had my 6 week ultrasound and the baby's heartbeat was 96bpm. I was wondering if this normal as I know with DD it was about 120 bpm and worried this is a bit low?

    There is nothing on the report to state any worries.

    Should I be concerned?

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    Hi coolkat,

    I wouldnt be too worried, as every baby is different....

    I have read that the average babies heartbeat can vary a great deal, usually anywhere between 100 and 180bpm I think?

    Also, babies heartrates can vary by as much as 25bpm each minute!

    As it is, your little babies heart has only just started beating, and you were very lucky to be able to detect it at your 6 week u/s.

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    I think that's ok and if it wasn't I'm sure the sonographer would have been worried. I know it's hard not to stress about these things. It's wonderful you got to see the heart beat so early.

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    Sorry to poach your thread - but just a query relating to ultra sounds...I am scheduled to have my first one at 11 weeks. I've noticed some people have had them at 6 - should I be having one earlier than 11? (I was 7 weeks when we found out)

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    Susan - it generally depends on the person. Some people have an 'early' ultrasound because they've had a history of either troubled pregnancies or miscarriages; or like me where I had cramping & bleeding.

    It depends on the doctor in some cases as to when they send you for one; my GP was a fan of the 11-14wk point and then again at the 18-22wk stage for the morphology (?) scan.

    Others go early for scans because they have irregular cycles and have no idea of their EDD; so scans at 6-9wks are sometimes done for dating purposes.

    If you have any concerns, speak to your GP and they'll discuss when they think you should have U/S during your pregnancy.

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    Bekibee I just noticed that we have the same first names and so do our DH's how weird is that!

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    As Ambah said, babies have varying heart rates.

    I just wanted to wish you luck and hope that all is ok!!

    Best wishes

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