thread: Baby Showers and how to sleep bubs

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    Baby Showers and how to sleep bubs

    Hi, I have two questions:
    My sister was talking to me today about arranging a baby shower for me. What I'm wondering is...When do you have the shower? I was thinking around 30 weeks, is this too early? But I also want to make sure that I don't have it too late either. What has everyone else done?

    Also - I was wondering what people think about the how to sleep you're baby debate. Of course I have heard that it is best on their back - but I don't want my bub to have a flat head. My mum has 4 kids all who slept on their tummies and my sister has 3 kids who also slept on their tummies. What does eeryone think?
    You're experiences with this will be a great help.


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    Jan 2005


    Baby showers - one of my girlfriends is organsing mine, and its not going to be until a couple of weeks after the birth as too many of my friends and relatives are superstitious about buying presents for baby before the birth. So anything before that is not too late

    As for sleeping, we'll be sleeping bubs on his back. Sleeping on the back does not mean your baby will end up with a flat head. they may get one spot which is flatter than the rest, but this sorts itself out as your baby gets older.

    If you really wanted to, you could put your baby on their back to sleep, and move his/her head just slightly to one side (alternate), but I don't think I'll bother. we'll see.


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    Jun 2005

    I had my baby shower after i had my baby - weird i know, but it was wonderful. I didnt want a whole heap of white or yellow booties, so my sisters sent an invitation out to my closest friends 1 or 2 days after DD was born. We had the shower 1 week after her birth. It was great, everyone got to see her at once (i didnt have 3 guests a day popping over to see bubs), and i got all pink stuff (i was still pulling tags off her clothes at 6 months of age, she got so much stuff) - was so nice. We did our invitations so they were from DD - e.g 'To mummys friend, I'd love to meet you, please come to my mummys and daddys house on...blah, blah'.

    SIDS foundation recommends sleeping babies on back at bottom of cot. My DD slept on her back no problem - we bought one of those stop rolls - which prevents bubs from rolling over at a young age. In saying that my SIL's son would wriggle out of the stop roll and sleep on tum tum.....

    Good luck !!

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    We sleep Jonah on his back and he moves his head to wherever he wants it, straight or either side. So I'm not particularly worried about him having a flat head.

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    I slept DD on her back, and although she got a bald spot for a few months (very cute) she never had a flat head. My mum slept all us on the tums and we were fine, but I think people just like to follow the recommendations (I do) even though I think it's just a precaution and it prob wouldn't hurt either way.

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    I'd either have it when bubba is born then you knoe the sex of the baby, oe at 30 weeks.

    My GF has 7 kids and has slept them all on their tummies! Myself I slept my 2 on their backs.xx

    each to there own though.

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    I'm trying to remember when I had my baby shower... I think I was somewhere around 30 weeks?

    As for how to sleep your baby... I would recommend sticking with the SIDS guidelines of sleeping your baby on his/her back. I have heard that the incidence of SIDS has dropped dramatically over the past few years as everyone has been educated to sleep their babies on their backs.

    Though it is so hard to know for sure, as in our mother's day they were telling them to sleep us on our tummies - and we are all still here...

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    I agree with Ambah on the sleeping bub on their back due to the SIDs risk. Zander has been on his back for 4months, but doesn't have a flat head. Although when he is awake he's on his side, tummy sitting up against the lounge if that makes sense!

    As for the baby shower I think mine was about 30wks as well. It's handy to have in time for you to get the things you still need afterwards before bub is born.

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    Melinda Guest

    I'd definitely recommend sticking with the SIDS guidelines for sleeping. There has been a lot of research into this and sleeping on the back is definitely the safest place for little babies.

    Many of us probably slept on our tummies as babies and we are just fine (including myself!) but I guess now that this information is out there, it pays to listen to it IYKWIM?

    Jacob's head is a little bit flat at the back, although that runs in the family a little bit LOL. But having said that, his head was actually flatter when he was sleeping on his back all the time. It didn't bother me at all as I knew he was safe that way and that it would come right in time (which it definitely has apart from the little bit of hereditary flatness LOL!). Plus it actually looked quite cute!

    He now sleeps all over the place........and his noggin' is just fine!

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    I think you need to do what is best for you and your baby.

    Joshua refused to sleep on his back. Noone was getting any sleep. We went back to the pediatrition as we though something was wrong with Joshua. He advised us to sleep him on his stomach and since then he has slept through the night. Joshua had a very strong neck and good head control from birth and this made us feel more at ease with the choice to sleep him on his stomach.

    I guess you should follow the SIDS guidelines but if it doesnt work seek professional advice on other sleeping positions.

    My baby shower was around 30 weeks - I wanted it to be at a time where I was not too exhausted and I could still enjoy the celebration.


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    i think about 30 weeks sounds good for the baby shower. i am not having mine until about 33 weeks, but that is because we are moving house before then.

    about sleeping on their backs, i personally think that if sleeping them on their back reduces the possibility of SIDS then it is so worth it. even if they do get a bit of a flat head, some things are more important. maybe that is me being a paranoid & cautious first timer, but thats just how i feel. im sure you will do what seems best for you,


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    I had my baby shower at about 32 weeks I think. It was good because I was very visibly pregnant but not so huge that I was really miserable. I can't imagine dealing with all that later.
    I have slept my baby on her back since birth and she is now 8 months and doesn't have any sign of a flat head. Yes it can happen but it isn't a given, and as others have pointed out it will fix itself anyway. I could never live with myself if something happened to her and I hadn't done all I could to prevent it.
    But ultimately just like breast vs bottle, starting solids etc it's your decision.

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    I didn't have a baby shower but anytime you want is fine!

    I also sleep Matthew on his back and he has no flat head. You health nurse/paed/gp will keep an eye on this anyway and offer suggestions is they think it's necessary.

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    Thanks so much for your replies - I would say you're probably right re: the sleeping on the back. If anything happened to bubs and I had slept him/her on the tummy I don't think I could live with myself.
    I think having the shower after bubs is born is a great idea - however I think that mine will be quite big and I couldn't handle that when bubs is new. I suppose around 30 weeks will be it!!

    Thanks again

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    hope your shower goes really well. im starting to get excited about mine now!!


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    My wonderful girlfriend has organised for my baby shower to be held around my 37week mark! So hopefully the shower comes before bubs does!! hehehe We have found out we are having a little girl but Im sure my friends will be cautious about buying all pink things just in case