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thread: Bleeding During Pregnancy - Women's Stories Of Bleeding In Pregnancy #3

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2008
    Yarra Valley, Victoria

    Hi Monique, yep, I went and got checked out at the GP, and had a blood test this morning. You can read more about it in the thread - Who do I contact re bleeding? in this forum.

    Thanks so much for your reply, and I am trying hard to stay positive.


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    chenaliyah Guest

    Question what is happening

    Hi there, my name is mel and i am new to this site. I have a question and hopefully someone can help me. Yesterday after i came home from my 35 week app, i went to the toilet and i had a reasonably large amount of discharge or mucus with blood through it and later it happened again. Now at present i have nothing. I have not yet had an internal throughout this pregnancy. This is my fourth child and i was induced with all but not due to medical reasons.

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    chenaliyah Guest

    Question feeling the cervix

    Has anyone had a feel of there cervix? I did this to see if i could tell how far dilated i was. If anyone has done this could you tell me if you had any blood once you had finished.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2007

    Unhappy Tiny bit of bleeding at 28 weeks

    Ok this might contain a bit TMI but here goes... i'm just wondering if anyone has experience any bleeding mid/ late in pregnancy? I am 28 weeks pregnant with my second bub. When i went to the toilet 2 days ago i noticed some very very slight bleeding.. i wouldn't call it bleeding really it was more like streaking (again sorry TMI) when i wiped. There wasn't enough to leave anything on my undies and it was only just noticable.. sort of like a light red/dark pink streak only about 1cm long and then when i wiped again there was about half that. I haven't noticed anything since and bub is still kicking and strong.. i'm a bit worried but i figure since it wasn't much it couldn't be anything bad. Its happened before about a month ago, again when i went to the toilet and there was just a tiny tiny bit.. that was after DH and i had been getting a bit loved up if you know what i mean.. no penetration though so i don't know what would have caused it ( so so sorry TMI again i know).
    I see my OB on Thursday so i'll metion it then and see what she thinks, just though i'd post and see if anyone has had a similar experience. I keep freaking myself out thinking it might be an early sign of pre term labour.. am i being silly? I had a LEEP done about a year and a half ago and sadly we lost a bub at 6 weeks last year (don't know if it had anything to do with the leep) so in the back of my mind i'm always scared my cervix will open before bubs ready to come out, every night i pray he'll stay in till he's cooked.. i know thats silly but i can't help worrying about it.. especially with this bleeding/streaking.
    What do other ladies think? Any advice or experiences would be great

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    trees37 Guest


    I am approx 7 weeks and have had spotting for about three days...Have told my partner that I am probably miscarrying.. Seems to be the only way I can handle this.. I have read so many stories and am optimistic a little... but scared stupid..Don't want to go to a doctor...I have two wonderful children and am putting all my positive thoughts with them but can't help feeling that there may be some hope....but scared silly... This forum is great... I had two miscarriages previouly and just can't help thinking Oh dear not again...Needed to vent...please keep posting...it makes me feel that although I know I am not the only one I can at least read what is happening to others....

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Mar 2007

    Trees, it's very scary. I had spotting at 9wks this pregnancy and everything is fine. I hope the same happens for you.

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    trees37 Guest

    Thankyou Sarah...

    However I just did a PT and it was negative...But this forum at least has made me remain sane.. I do have two children and I am really blessed...However as many know...it still hurts...HUGS and goodluck for you.....
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    CHINITA951 Guest

    Right now im 10 weeks pregnant this is my first pregnancy and when i was a little past 7 weeks i had spotting and the next morning passed out on my living room floor. The ambulance came took me to the hospital and while i was waiting i got up to use the restroom and i passed a clot. i eas so scared and demanded they see me right away. They did an ultrasound and everthing was ok. I saw my baby's heart beating. It was such a relief. Then 3 days later i had a brownish discharge and started to panic again. Now i am 10 weeks and there has been no more bleeding and the baby is doing great. Every woman is different. But i wouldnt worry to much

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    trees37 Guest


    Oh my gosh...what scary stuff you must be going through...am so glad that you and the little one are doing OK,,,Pregnancy is so scary and so thrilling at the same time..
    Take care of yourself and keep me posted...Sarah Jane...hope you are doing OK too.. I am glad that there is a forum to express feelings about it... To talk to loved ones is so hard.. You want to remain strong but can't, whereas talking in this forum feels so enlightening and free...although a few of the abbreviations do concern me...

    P.S. still haven't done a follow up PT....

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Mar 2007

    trees, glad you're still around, you can get lots of support here, it's a really great forum. Thanks! I'm doing really well.
    If you're wondering about all the abbreviations, you can find an explanation here.

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    trees37 Guest



    Thanks for that......Had a chuckle!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2008
    Sydney, Australia

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this internet forum stuff so i hope i've got this right on how to post stuff! I only just found this site and i want to acknowledge how helpful it is. I have a story to add because i am currently experiencing what some of you havedescribed: warning this could contain tmi.

    My husband and I decided to start trying for kids 4 months ago. I had been on the pill for 9 years consistently and had always had regular periods. When i came off the pill in April 08 i had a withdrawal period but nothing since... no periods... no pain... nothing. I went to see my local GP on 7th August and we were doing some tests to see what my ovaries were doing... progesterone, prolactin, oestrogen etc. Imagine my surprise when she called to say i was pregnant! Obviously we have no idea how far we are because i have no LMP date.

    My husband has been away for work lately and i've only seen him a handful of times so we figure we must be at least 6 weeks preg. This is our first pregnancy. We are elated.

    So on friday night i was going to the toilet.. and i was straining a little... and noticed a tiny streak of fresh red blood on loo paper. Freaked... spent the night hysterical. Since then have had 2 days of dark brown spotting... not on undies... not needing a pad. I was using a panty liner and literally had about a 5c piece size of spotting each day. Always on the loo paper when i wiped though.

    Saw my doctor and she was about as helpful as my husband! Kind... but unhelpful! I have an ultrasound tomorrow.

    I am absolutely freaking out. I cant concentrate on anything. All i keep thinking is 'have i lost it'. I want desperately to believe i havent and i have read so many inspiring stories... but there is always that little bit of pessimism. I know these things happen for a reason.

    I just want everyone to know that i'm thankful for the stories i read which keep me level headed...that it doesnt matter how much you know or how much you read we all get freaked by these things... and the funny thing is I am a doctor and i still dont have a clue what is going on! haha

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Emmykate. My sister had lots of spotting and bleeding in her pregnancy and went on to have a healthy bub. Best of luck with your u/s tomorrow, I have my fingers crossed that all is OK. I'll be thinking of you .

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2008
    Sydney, Australia

    Hi all,
    Well i didnt even make it to the ultrasound. My beta hCG came back today at 1400 and we found out we are about 6-7wks along. My 2 days of light spotting (dark brown.. not even enough for a panty liner let alone a pad) turned into a real scare when i had a shower tonight and saw tiny clots and fresh blood. It was exactly like having a period... cramps and aches in lower back, bloated feeling, plenty of blood when i wiped but not really any on pad.

    Got to hospital an hour later... waited for several more... then finally got to see the O&G reg. They actually sounded positive that i hadnt passed huge 50c piece size clots and hadnt soaked a pad or more than one. I had a speculum exam... it showed we have lost the bub.... thankfully i didnt pass any tissue, but during the exam they removed quite a bit. I tried to keep a strong face. I need an ultrasound in the morning to see if i need a D&C. I think i am in shock.

    The pain has gone but now i just feel empty. I am so mad because i had so much to offer. I know that isnt rational.. i know it was natures way of saying something wasnt right, that this is for the best. It doesnt feel any better though. My poor hubby is devastated... he is blocking the phone calls from my several siblings and parents. I just dont know how i am going to get through the night.

    I just had to update everything.. it is almost like a release writing on this forum. I wish things were different... but for my negative experience there is likely to be someone having a positive experience out there somewhere.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Oh Emmykate , I'm so sorry to hear of your loss . It is such a sad and confusing time. Allow yourself to feel any emotion you need to. It is such a shock to go through a m/c. You may find the miscarriage and loss section here on BB comforting. You can find it here: https://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums...th-loss-child/.

    Just to give you some hope, I had a m/c at around 6 weeks in January of last year and was pregnant again by February with my now nearly 10 month old son.

    I hope all goes well with your scan and you won't need a D&C .

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2008
    Sydney, Australia

    Thanks Trish. Just got out of bed for the first time since getting out of hospital. Didnt need an ultrasound afterall because i am hardly bleeding at all. They just want to follow me up with bhCG and an anti D injection cos i'm O neg. I have insisted on an ultrasound later in the week though - just to check there are no retained products... i dont want anymore troubles later on. The hardest thing was watching them remove tissue during the internal exam and put it in a jar - my unborn baby in a jar. That was miserable for myself and my husband.

    I realise that m/c is a common phenomena. I know there was nothing i could do. I know it is completely irrational for me to be angry - particularly when i have a sister who has had 6 abortions and that just makes me mad at the moment. I know my time will come, hopefully sooner rather than later... but i'm scared now of conceiving again in case the same thing happens. I know this is a natural reaction too. Nothing can stop me from feeling completely lousy at the mo and i have lost a little faith in God (i'm not hugely religious but i feel a little let down).

    Thanks for the support. I'll check out the other forum. Hopefully i will have some good news next time.

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    tschwinler Guest

    2 days of spotting

    Hi all! I am about 5 weeks along and have had some brownish discharge with some watery pink (sorry if TMI) staining for approx 2 days. I am freaking out! I have a OB appointment in about 45 minutes and I hope all is well! My spotting is about the size of 5c sometimes a little smaller even. I don't think I can have an u/s yet but we'll see I went to the WIC last night and had my hcg checked, so i'll have the results today. Quite frankly I think I might be further along, my last ms was about the equivelent to this which is abnormal, I took the HPT thinking I was pg (with other symtoms, sore boobs, nausea) but it was neg, and I left it at that. So I am either about 5 weeks or about 9 weeks I figure. Oh and no cramping yet. I keep thinking I am then it turns out to be wind Anywho better get ready. Ill post when I get back from the dr

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    tschwinler Guest

    So Im back

    Went to the Dr and my HCG was 260. So it lookslike I am only 2-3 weeks instead of 5 weeks like they thought. Everything else DR was not to worry about. Going in tomorrow to get another HCG to make sure all is well and the little ones is growing!

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