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thread: Bleeding During Pregnancy - Women's Stories Of Bleeding In Pregnancy #3

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    Oct 2007


    Good luck with your second HCG, and I'm glad they said not to worry. If it helps, I had lots of spotting & bleeding with my current PG, and it all went on to be fine. I also found that my symptoms were very different with a successful PG compared to a PG that m/ced. I had MORE PG symptoms with the one that didn't stick - go figure huh! So it goes to show that absence or presence of symptoms isn't necessarily the key.

    I know how stressful it is, so hang in there & keep posting - all the best

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    JennP Guest

    I know it has been a while since someone replied to this thread but I am hoping someone can help me. I recently found out I am pregnant for the 3rd time this year. My 2 previous pregnancies ended in miscarriages so of course I am pariniod. I am trying to figure out how far along I am but I am a little confused. My last full period was in August but last month 6 days after when my period was due I had what I originally thought might have been my period. my periods are pretty regular and usually 3 to 5 days long. This was less than 24 hours but it was decently heavy and I had some cramping like in a normal period. Could this have been just a short period or could it have been implantation bleeding or break through bleeding? I don't know much about either so I am hoping someone can help me.

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    Rexy Guest


    Hi everyone. Wow thank goodness for this forum! I am 6 weeks pregnant, I found out last week. So imagine my horror after discovering some spotting last night, which turned into heavy bleeding today. As I have had a m/c 6 years before, I am absolutely terrified that this pg will have the same fate. I did not realise how common blding in pg can be. I went to see my doc, and he sent me for blood test, I have an u/s tomorrow, so I am anxiously waiting till then.

    It is very re-assuring to know that others have been through similar problems, and have had a happy outcome.


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    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    Thanks for this forum. Was an absolute mess when I first began reading but feeling lots better now. Think I may be/have been pregnant (just over 6wks, tests all show neg though, waiting to try again) but have had heavy, bright red bleeding for last 24 hours. Pretty sure I've m/c. Would love to know how the rest of you are going...

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    picasso Guest

    I'm a 36 yo, no prev m/c or bleeding. I have a 2.5 yo daughter, who was conceieved through IVF (my partner had a vasectomy). Had three further IVF attemps before I conceived again. At 14 wks PG, lying in bed, I had bright red blood loss (about the size of a saucer). I freaked out, started crying, thinking the worst - m/c. I rang our local hospital (40mins away) and spoke with a nurse, who urged me to come in. After I was asked all the routine questions: cramping - NO, dark blood - NO, clotting - NO, the doctor (under the phoned advice of an obstetrician) did a vaginal examination. The speculum, caused another bleed (about the same size as before), and I was told I was most likely experiencing a "spontaneous abortion". A horribly distressing term, when she could have just said "miscarriage". I had stopping bleeding almost immediately, both times and just had a small amount of old blood spotting. I was sent home 3 hours later, only to return for an ultrasound appointment the following morning. Baby visible and good heart beat! Woohoo! Placenta lowish, placental lakes/pools visible... which I was told could cause bleeding again. 4 nights later I had a small bleed (about 50c piece size), did not sleep at all that night from worrying, next day I didn't 'feel' pregnant, but knew I had to find out for sure. So went to the hospital again - everything still okay, and as far as yesterday - everything still looks good! Keeping positive.
    So I guess if you experience bleeding during pregnancy I would suggest: don't lose hope, get it checked out as soon as you can (either way it could help you sleep better) and get a second opinion if you feel you need to.
    P.S. This was a fantastic thread for me when I needed information and reassurance - THANKS!

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    arwenreborn Guest

    Thank godness for this thread!

    I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago, doctor estimated me for around 5 weeks upon discovery which would have made me 8 weeks this Thursday. It wasn't planned and I had only just gotten off the implanon 12/09/08 but was very welcomed and my partner and I were stoked.

    Everything has progressed along well, went for a dating scan last week in which everything looked normal but the radiographer put me back to being only 5-6 weeks. He told me to come back in 2 weeks and have another scan so I could get a determined due date. So I'm around 6 weeks and 2 days today! However on Saturday afternoon after having lunch with my friends, I went to the loo and had a little bit of brown discharge - really dark brown. About the size of a ten cent piece.

    Well I panicked. Cried my eyes out, called my mum and calmed myself down before telling my partner who was also pretty worried. Thought I'd stick it out and see how I went. The discharge was there a little at night and when I wiped, had gone by Sunday morning but by Sunday afternoon I had another ten cent piece worth there. Again, really dark brown and not like blood but just like a mucus or something.

    Monday was the same, had a little discharge at work and a little in the afternoon...and again today, none in the morning but a little this afternoon. Boobs are still really tender, I haven't been suffering a lot of morning sickness, just a bit of dry retching and feeling ill in my stomach which has continued. However I learnt that if I constantly snacked then I could avoid feeling sick so I've been snacking all today and have only felt ill a few times.

    I called my doctor's office and they told me that he was going on holidays and fully booked out, next available appointment being in December. I explained to the receptionist that I needed to be referred for a scan and that I needed to see my doctor urgently so she's booked me in for an emergency consultation this afternoon. So will see what he says then...here's to hoping that everything is good and I have a sticky bub in there. Not sure if he'll send me for an U/S or whatever but fingers crossed and reading the stories on here have given me hope!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    I have my fingers crossed for you arwenreborn. It is a good sign if you are still experiencing symptoms and haven't had any bad cramping with the bleeding. You're in my thoughts and prayers, all the best .

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    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    Hope all goes well with your doctor's appointment arwenreborn. Fingers crossed.
    I finally got up the courage to see my doctor yesterday (yes, have been stewing about this since my last post) and had a blood test this morning. Dr said it sounds like I was pregnant and m/c. Said it might be good to find out whether I was pregnant for sure (remember, test I did 3 days before bleeding started came back BFN) to at least reassure me that I can get preg (TTC 7 months) so here I am waiting for results til tomorrow...dr also said blood test may not show anything as hormone levels may have dropped already. So I may never know...

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    arwenreborn Guest

    Well it's good and bad news I guess. I'm just trying to stay positive.

    The doctor is terming it as a "threatened miscarriage". If I had ovulated on time I should be 8 weeks, but he said it's very likely I ovulated later and am only 5/6 weeks (well the sonographer said last week I was only 5/6 weeks when thought I was 7).

    Because of the spotting and the fact my levels aren't as high as they probably should be (but still high) he sent me for another HCG blood test yesterday afternoon - if my levels are lower than last week he's going to call me today and we know we've probably lost little bean. If my levels are higher than last week I have to go back in on Thursday and get another HCG blood test done to compare. If my levels are rising then it's a good sign and he'll refer me for a scan in a week or two.

    I also found out I am O- blood type which apparently is a really good but sort of bad blood type. It's good because I can give blood to anyone with any other blood type, but if I'm in a car accident and bleeding to death I can only receive O- blood...

    I had a needle in my bum yesterday as I'm rhesus negative and if the baby is rhesus postiive (eg. A+) then my body can start to produce antibodies to try and expel the "foreign object". It's amazing how my blood can cross the placenta and work against my baby. Apparently that's why a lot of people in the older days had "blue babies".

    Anyway I have to have another few shots of stuff later on to prevent anything from happening to bub.

    I got sick last night and didn't feel crash hot this morning. Still no cramping or anything but I'm not going to get excited over anything. It's out of my hands and out of my control. Just trying to cross fingers and hope for the best.

    This pregnancy wasn't planned but my fiancee and I discussed it last night and getting pregnant made us realise just how much we wanted this bub and how scared we are we're going to lose it. So if this pregnancy doesn't succeed, I'm not going to go onto the pill or anything and we're going to try again.

    It would be awesome if on Friday I call him and he says "Your levels are climbing, it looks good!" but I'm preparing myself.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    arwenreborn, I have my fingers crossed your BT brings good news tomorrow.
    Any bleeding? Feeling sick and cramping could by preg symptoms so they may be good signs.
    My BT didn't show a pregnancy but the girls on another thread tell me this isn't unusual as it was early days so I may or may not have been pregnant. Who knows?

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    arwenreborn Guest

    Well everything has been going along alright, felt crook as anything the last couple of days and hungry as anything as well.

    Then this morning I got up, went to the loo and everything was fine a little spotting but still dark brown. Then I went to go again (typical me, I pee so much these days) and there was a dark red smear on my pad. I wiped, and again there was dark red blood. I wiped again, same thing. I flushed and went out for about a few minutes, then went back into the loo and wiped again. One again, a bit of dark red blood.

    I called in sick to work and called my fiancee and told him that if it got heavier I'd give him a call and we'd go to the hospital.

    It eased off for a bit, I went for a shower and nothing came out during that so that was good. Put on a clean pad and checked a moment ago and there was a ten cent piece worth of mucusy dark red looking stuff. I'm waiting til about 9 to call my doctor, and see what the blood tests say and see what he says. If it gets any heavier I'm going into the hospital to see if they can at least do a scan or something - I should be about 6 weeks and 6 days or so, so hopefully they will be able to tell me for sure if everything is good or bad. I'm preparing myself, trying to stay positive but not being naive about it all.

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    Feb 2007

    Best of luck arwenreborn. Definitely speak to your Dr, just for peace of mind. It is so stressful when you have any bleeding. I'm glad you have taken the day off, just rest and look after yourself .

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    arwenreborn Guest

    Bad news.

    Spent 6 hours at the hospital emergency ward, my HCG levels had risen so they sent me for a scan. The internal scan showed I had a gestational sac but no baby inside. My body is preparing itself for miscarriage any day now. It's just a waiting game.

    We're going to get the miscarriage over and done with, then have a normal period, then try again.

    It's been an exhausting day but I'm relieved that we finally found out after a week of waiting.

    Thanks for all the crossed fingers, I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Still pretty devastated but we're only young and will be able to try another day.

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    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    I'm sorry things didn't work out the way you were hoping, arewereborn.
    Hopefully things will work out better for you next time.

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    May 2008
    Queensland, Australia

    Unhappy I need some reassurance!

    Ok, So I think I know what is going on, my instincts tell me not to worry, but the brain is going over time.

    LMP was 30th October, ovulated day 18 which was 17th November, knew within a couple of days we were sucessful but was waiting for BFP. Period due yesterday, no show, but did get BFP - faint line on test, so decided to test this morning. Another BFP a bit darker this time. Went back to be and 4 hours later got and went to the toilet and noticed a very slight pinky tinge so checked with the toilet paper up my cervix and notice streaky pinky mucassy blood. My mind immediately went to, it's just break through bleeding because I would only have implanted within the last 4 days or so which isn't enough time to build up enough hormones to completely stop my period.

    Since I noticed the blood I have been checking once an hour and there doesn't seem to be any increase to the discharge. But that could be because I keep checking it.

    I don't have any cramping and it doesn't feel like a normal period! this really sucks you know. I've never had anything like this early on. I've misscarried once but that was at 12 weeks because the feotus didn't develope beyond 8 wks.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    I have my fingers crossed that it's just a break-through bleed PamyK. Just hold tight and hopefully the slight spotting disappears to ease your mind .

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    May 2008
    Queensland, Australia

    ok, no blood this morning. So it looks like it was just either some implantation bleeding or just a little bit of break through.

    Going to Dr on monday for BT and to organise scan.

    so it's looking great.

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    Jul 2008
    Balnarring, Vic

    I just found out I am pregnant a few days ago and went for a scan to discover I am already just over 8 weeks.I had no idea because I had what I thought what a period 3.5 weeks ago.It was just a heavy as a normal period.The baby looked great and had a strong heartbeat but the doctor said it had a submembraneouse bleed.I have no idea what this means and he didn't really give me anything, just said to take it easy.Can't find much on google.Anyone experiences this? would this have been the reason behind my earlier bleeding?And will baby be ok?

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