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thread: Bleeding During Pregnancy - Women's Stories Of Bleeding In Pregnancy #3

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    Nov 2011

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear you've had so much drama mama. I am 6 weeks and 3 days today. The bleeding tapered off and now I'm having pink discharge. I messaged my gyno and he told me to just take it easy but if a miscarriage had started there was nothing we could do.

    I'm so sad because I just dont know what is going on. I'd love to hear what you think

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    Just wondering... if anyone in late third tri lost small clots when they lost their plug? I have been losing my plug constantly the last 5 weeks, with spotting. But now, I also have small black little balls, like a cherry... tiny blood clots. I am seeing my MW in the morning, just wondering if this is normal, or maybe if things are ramping up?

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    Bleeding in Pregnancy #3

    I would think that coloured blood is just old blood..sorry but doesn't sound like ramping up blood to me, just the dry older stuff that has been previously discharging :-( definately check
    With midwife tho that it is all normal!!!

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    Bleeding in Pregnancy #3

    Is it still 'bleeding' if it's a brown CM?
    I'm 6w6d and soooo worried this is leading into a 3m/c...
    I've only ever had this in my first preg at around 8weeks just before diagnosed with BO.
    Second preg, didn't have a spot, but was still another BO.

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    Jul 2011

    Ive always been told if its brown it's old blood.
    Best get it checked out though so at least you know what's going on.
    Take care

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    Jul 2016

    Re: Bleeding During Pregnancy - Women's Stories Of Bleeding In Pr

    jesus has a desitny for everyone only you choose how hard it is to get there which path to take which decisions to make or how hard and long the journey will be!

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    Re: Bleeding During Pregnancy - Women's Stories Of Bleeding In Pr

    That all happenes to me it was a simple hormone inbalānce

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