thread: How long do you use change tables for?

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    Oct 2004
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    Can't remember exactly how long, but probably until DD was about 2yo, possibly longer.

    I found it fabulous to be able to change at 'my height' rather than getting down onto the floor. I had a fold up change table I borrowed from my sister, but this time I bought a change table with drawers under it that the top flips over to become a shelf above the drawers so we can keep them in the room 'forever'.



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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..


    Maddy was rolling @2 m onths & 16 days & was also crawling early too, so I got her a potty as soon as she could sit & she would watch High Five eating toast sittinmg on her potty & so was toilet trained at about 21 months... (brag brag!) Man i hope this one is as easy to toilet train!!!! I just found the change table so clumsy & akward!

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    Apr 2005
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    This is my first baby, but I've worked in child care for years, and have changed more than my fair share of nappies and most kids wriggle

    We decided to get a decent (i.e. wooden) changetable. I have a bad back, so changing on the bed or floor is not an option. This is our first bub, and we're planning to have more, so I didn't mind forking out $50 extra for a decent wooden table.

    I've used change tables at work that are those portable fold up ones, and I would never waste the money buying one for home. I haven't seen one yet that could withstand more than a couple of months use.

    We were given the option of borrowing a change table that a cousin had, however you had to change side on. I can't imagine anything more weird than changing a baby side on... maybe that's just me, and if anyone here changes like that, please let me know Because I've never heard of it.

    As for babies rolling etc, buy a mat with the raised sides... and you're never supposed to leave a baby on a change mat without at least one hand on their belly anyway... Although this is probably the childcare worker coming out in me It's just habit for me now...

    The chest of drawers is a great idea, so long as you can either bring it away from the wall to change bubs, or don't mind changing side on We would have done that, but have built in drawers already, and just buying the table was cheaper

    I copped flak from my grandparents about 'wasting money' on buying a change table... but there is no way I wouldn't have one.

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    Aug 2004

    i looooove my change table. got it from ikea, is actually a set of drawers with a change table on the top which is hinged, so when you are finnished using it as a change table it folds up into shelving on top of the drawers. is a great idea and wasnt overly pricey. is timber, and is very sturdy and heaps of room on top to put mat and wipes etc. changed my nephew on it on the weekend, and was perfect. is a pic on my website, of it, he loved the leaf too, was squealing & laughing the whole time i was changeing him

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    katanya Guest

    I LOVE my change table and I pretty much came from the point of view that I have worked both in child care and disability support and care work, so I know all about good back care, and bending over to cange a baby on a bed is NOT good back care..on the floor is not too bad, but a good change table is great!

    Felix is a wriggler, but I have hung heaps of stuff over head and have a painting nearby which we talk about and point to the bees while I am changing him. Since I use cloth nappies the underside is great for storage!

    I amnot sure I can imagine it being used for more than 2 years, but you never know!

    I say get one!

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    Jan 2005
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    I was given one of those change tables with the bath underneath. I wheeled it up to the kitchen bench and dried and dressed bubs on the bench. The bath is small though so they both grew out of it within 4 weeks!
    I used the change table part until they were rolling over then it was onto the floor on a blanket.

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    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    I had laybyed the change table with bath underneath and then i thought how dangerous, trying to hold a wet baby and probally using your elbow to flip the lid down to use the change mat!
    I saw the one with the slide out from underneath bath and changed my layby over to that one, was a bit dearer but seems a lot more practical to me having it side by side.
    Also i have the bath with no plastic raised sections in it so it can be used for a lot longer.
    Had the same deeper bath for first son and got to use it for ages as i just bought material insert for when he was little.
    With my first i used just a baby bath and a folding change table and hated it! The bath once full is so heavy and had to be left lying on kitchen table till hubby would empty it out, hence why i went with complete change table bath this time.

    Good luck deciding

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    Aug 2003
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    With my first 4 I just had a standard fold up change table with the little storage rack underneath and it did the job just fine. Pretty sure I used it until they were around 18 months because I had to move it to the next child's room LOL. This time I got a change table with the bath that slides out and 2 storage shelves underneath. So far I have found it fantastic. Easy to use the bath as it is at a nice height for me and easy to move Jacob over to the mat afterwards. The one I got has a drainage hose so it's also easy to emty into a bucket after the bath without spilling it everywhere.

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    nicoak Guest

    where would one find the change table with the slide out bath??? I have not ssen them and have been lookimg for a change table for a while.

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    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    I bought my slide out bath one at a baby shop, just ring around. The brand i got was Infa, i paid 200 for mine but shop around because i seen the same on cheaper at another baby shop.

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    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    I got my change table with the slide out bath at toys r us

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    Fire Fly Guest

    i bought a change table that has two shelves, i find it good because i am limited to space with living in the shed. I find it good cause i can just reach down and grab a wipe or nappy or whatever it may be.

    Im still using mine and DD is 2. She isnt much of a riggler but i find the sides hold her more in place than on the floor where she could roll to her hearts content, iykwim.

    Mines timber as well to match the decor. lol. I find it to be more solid than the plastic ones to. Its no drama to clean either, i have no complaints.

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    Jul 2004

    My change table has two shelves and a slide out bath. I got it from a local baby shop. But have seen them around, so like everyone else has said, just ring around. I for mine fro $200 also.

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    nicoak Guest

    thanks guys, off to shopping i go!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I have one of those fold-up change tables. There is a shelf down the bottom where I keep cloth nappies (for spews and spills) and a basket with powder and creams etc. in it. It's pretty good. My friend changed her 18 month old on it the other day and it wasn't too bad. Once I stop using it, I can just fold it up and store it away until I have another baby or lend it to someone. I bought it off a friend for $50 but I think they are pretty cheap.
    Friends that have had babies find that they stop using them once the baby starts rolling over etc. Not only for safety but it's just easier to catch them in the lounge and change the nappy on the floor. Everyone is different though!

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    Sep 2004

    We still use our change table and DD is 3 next month!!!! My DH is a SAHD and he prefers to have up high so that he isn't bending over her all the time.

    I am nagging him about toilet training though!!! O

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    jcm73 Guest

    I have a change table with the bath included. It was a little difficult to get used to at first, but not so bad after our confidence in handling Molly increased. She out-grew it though, so we moved her into the big bath. I use the change table still. A mat on the floor is no good for Molly because she simply can't stay still. Its irritating! She would be all over the room. The change table makes the nappy change fast and effective. She's pretty long for it though, and her feet sometimes hang over the end!

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    May 2004

    We have a wooden change table with 2 selves underneath and we still use it for Nicholas now (and he's 2.5yrs)