thread: Itchy Areola

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    Itchy Areola

    Hey ladies.
    Hoping you can help me. Currently trying to wean Dd while pregnant due to pain while bfing now....It happened with Ds too.....but my areolas are dreadfully itchy alot of the time. Just did a bit of googling and found out it is likely the montgomery glands.....and normal. Im just looking for some relief suggestions! Scratching doesnt help especially because If I brush my nipple It hurts.

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    Re: Itchy Areola

    Yes it is totally normal, I remember how itchy mine got. Unfortunately I can't recall what if anything I tried! If I think of anything I'll pop back.

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    Re: Itchy Areola

    Try some organic virgin coconut oil
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    Re: Itchy Areola

    I found dabbing boob juice on them and then air drying helped a bit x

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    Re: Itchy Areola

    I got this, I hated it! I'd be trying to secretly rub my arms against them through my shirt lol.

    First time around I had a sample of lansinoh so I used that, second time I used coconut oil - both worked great.

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    Jun 2015

    Re: Itchy Areola

    I hd same problem.. My doc recommended me sorbolene moisturiser.. And it realy helps[emoji4]

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    Jun 2014

    Re: Itchy Areola

    I used lanisinoh or paw paw ointment. Teeki - I didn't bother trying to hide it. Was very funny watching people trying to not watch me.