thread: Pregnancy Symptoms By Week! Please Contribute!

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    Pregnancy Symptoms By Week! Please Contribute!

    Hey everyone!

    I'm looking for help from pregnant BellyBelly members for a BIG project - I would love to know how many weeks you are and what pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing I'm going to collate it for an article showing how different our pregnancies are! If you would like to, edit your post each week with an update of symptoms.

    For example:

    Week 6 - Nausea, Exhaustion
    Week 7 - Nausea, Exhaustion, Feet Sore

    That would be awesome. Thank you

    Kelly xx

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    Jan 2013

    Week 4 - heartburn, frequent trips to the loo (mainly in the morning), constipation & occasional backache

    Week 5 - so tired! Constipation, sore boobs, waking up hot & sweaty at night.

    Week 6 - sore tingly nipples, what is with that? Anxiety, crying. Sensitive to different smells. Still constipated

    Constipation last up til week 13 then eased. Sensitive to smells disappeared around 9 weeks. My boobs deflated & are less sensitive (except for my nipples) around 10 weeks.

    Am now 15 +1 & I've been getting the occasional gum bleed when brushing my teeth, broken sleep as I cannot stay comfortable (have just started sleeping with a cushion between my legs & behind my back) My waist has disappeared & I'm running out of clothes that sit nice. The tiredness has returned. And if I over do it I pay for it with a lot of stretching & pulling in my tummy & sharp pain near my right hip. Oh & I'm finding it difficult being around a lot of people at once, my lack of energy is making me increasingly introverted.
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    Yay a project!!

    Week 9 - exhaustion, nausea, really sensitive to smells

    Week 11 - fuller boobs, still sore, nausea in afternoon when more tired. Can hardly eat dinner. Really low tolerance, especially for the dog, the poor little love!

    Week 18 - super boobs and feeling the occasional knock from the inside. Sore guts when need a poop!

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    Sep 2009

    Pregnancy Symptoms By Week! Please Contribute!

    Weeks 3 thru to 13 very sensitive smell lots of nausea. Tired.

    Week 20 heart burn and migraines.

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    Jan 2012
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    Week 5 - sore boobs & sore back at times

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    Feb 2013

    Pregnancy Symptoms By Week! Please Contribute!

    Week 4- heartburn, extreme fatigue, sore lower back, hot flashes, mild nausea, shortness of breath, over emotional (lots of crying!!)

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    Apr 2009

    week7 - extreme fatigue, sensitive boobs, occasional nausea, aching back, frquent loo trips and starving!

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    Dec 2011
    Perth, SOR

    Week 38 - Sleeping better at night, only waking once or twice and for short times. Heartburn is gone, sometimes restless legs, but mostly before I go to sleep. Constipation.
    Week 36, 37 - on and off heartburn, restless legs - sometimes, but do stretch and that helps, still starving during the day, not sleeping well at night
    Week 34, 35 - Heartburn on and off during the night a couple of nights a week, restless legs during the night twice, Starving during the day, tired during the day & not sleeping well during the night, long awake periods.
    Week 33 - Heartburn, sometimes during the night, sometimes during the day, Sore hips, Waking for several hours each night, Frequent toilet visits - mostly during the day, Restless legs - some nights, Feel starved, Exhausted during the day.
    Week 27 to week 31 - on holidays and heartburn eases, sore hips only when we had some cold nights in the beginning, then were in warm areas and hip pain eased. Swollen feet on some days, when we drove long distances. Really painful lower abdomen at 27 weeks 5 days, spent 1 night in hospital. No reason found and eased to a muscle ache afterwards. Constipation on and off, eased again if I managed to drink over 3 litres. I felt starving for some of the time, then was alright other days.
    Week 27 - bad heartburn
    Week 24-27 - Sore hips, especially on cold days.
    Week 20 : heartburn
    Week 18 - 19 : Restless legs during night (only after long day at work, about once a week)
    Week 17 - 18 : Frequent trips to toilet, day and night :$ (I drink about 3 litres of mostly water a day, though)
    Week 7 - now : Sensitive, swollen boobs, only wearing maternity bras
    Week 6 - 15 : extreme fatigue (needing at least 1 nap in morning and/or afternoon
    From about week 5 I needed regular meals and regular snacks in between, from about week 12 I have been more hungry and eating a bit more.
    Week 3 - 4 : heartburn (a few days, not every day), lower back ache

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    I swear for me all my symptoms start the moment after conception
    cramps were first. then sore boobs, and within days the nausea would hit and welcome the morning sickness. Sensitivity to foods, drinks and smells. Extreme tiredness. That lasted from the beginning to week 20.
    Round week 5 theres the frequent trips to the loo, almost gastro like symptoms. This lasts til after week 14.
    Heartburn hit round the 22-25week mark.
    week 30 leg cramps would kick in

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    Oct 2009
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    Around 14w, I always seem to have a fainting spell, specifically in a supermarket :-/ The supermarket part isn't really a symptom, I suppose, but the lightheadedness/fainting is... But I'm still going to be avoiding supermarkets for a couple of weeks
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    Dec 2008
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    Headaches. Every day for the last 22 weeks.

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    Jan 2012
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    Pregnancy Symptoms By Week! Please Contribute!

    Week 7 - nausea, sore and growing boobs, tired

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    Mar 2004

    Week 1 - am I ovulating? Is this EWCM? Better have sex just to be sure.
    Week 2 - Is it too early for symptoms? Are my breasts tender?
    Week 3 - Can I pee on a stick yet?
    Week 4 - Is that a feint (sic) line? Am I pregnant?

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    Oct 2010
    Gold Coast

    Week 3-5 sore boobs
    Week 6-16 nausea and vomiting, boobs grew 3 sizes
    Week 16-25 felt reasonably normal and in pregnant , feel movements at 18 weeks like a slug (anterior placenta), definet kicks at week 21
    25-33 started getting Braxton hicks and spd pain
    33 baby's started engaging both were LOP
    39 baby 2 born
    49 baby one born

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    Oct 2006
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    Weeks 6-41- vomit.
    That's all I have Kelly rofl

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    Aug 2010

    6-13 vomitting. Tiredness. Headaches. Hormonal. Pains.

    18-22 weeks. On off sick feeling. Heart burn. Bad back/twisted lower spine

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    Aug 2007

    week 4-5 ~ nausea, sore boobs, light headedness, more aware of pounding pulse, sensitivity to smells, things taste "different"

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    Jan 2011


    4 weeks- tired as a dog! One sore nipple. Breastfeeding strike by DD. cramping. Increased cervical mucous. Apples taste like shampoo.

    ETA- body temp feels hotter, restless sleeping
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