thread: worries about pregnancy

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    worries about pregnancy

    I just joined this forum site. I am nearly 26, married for almost a year to a wonderful man. My husband is 25 and would love a baby sometime soon but I am so nervous. I had tried going off the pill a few times but end up feeling quite panicked about the whole thing and go back on as it is the safer option! I have had some depression, anxiety and body issues in the past few years and I am terrified of the changes to my body, our lifestyle, our sex life especially lol, I am nervous about how a baby will change our time together. Have other people had these worries, and how did you overcome them. I definitely do want children, but just can't seem to get past these fears. Any advice would be very appreciated. I know I am not pregnant as yet, but hope no one minds me posting in this forum! Thank you

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    Welcome to BB. There's no question about it, a baby will definately change your lives and in different ways for each couple/family. I guess it's easier to see the negatives before you have kids and before you experience the unconditional love for your own child. And even then, bonding can take awhile etc. It's such a different experience for everybody and even pregnancies and children born to the same person are so, so different.

    I would highly recommend that you link in with a counsellor who is experienced in this area and can help you work through your fears and anxiety. It's all well for family and friends to offer advice, however, this usually doesn't resolve the underlying causes for how you're feeling. I'm not sure if you've seen somebody before to help with depression and anxiety. Your GP can refer you to somebody through a mental health care plan for anxiety etc and this will then be covered under Medicare (there may be a gap fee that the therapist may charge). And if you don't click with the first person, ask to be referred to another counsellor that you feel you can work with.
    Maybe it's just not the right timing for you. Sounds like your husband is more keen to start a family than you at the moment? I hope that you can get the right support to help you work through these feelings. And you don't have to be pregnant to post on this forum