thread: Your top 5 PAML concerns

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    podgie Guest

    Hi all, this is my first post - not sure how it all works! I have decided to join as I am now pregnant after having had 4 previous miscarriages. I am only 6 weeks pregnant, but am worried about
    Another miscarriage
    suffering the cramping and intense pain again

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2008

    not good news, girl!! have you been to your GP?

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    podgie Guest

    Yes have seen gp and have a good ob - he saw me today and referred for a viability scan by my obstetrician - what does that mean?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2008

    Yes have seen gp and have a good ob - he saw me today and referred for a viability scan by my obstetrician - what does that mean?

    basically they are just going to check how your little one is doing...whether it has implanted well, and if there really is a foetus in the sac. with your other four m/c, what sort of treatments did you get? has your GP ordered blood tests to see what's happening?

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    May 2008

    1. Another miscarriage
    2. A chromosonal abnormality (caused by my age)
    3. A MC caused by CVS
    4. Another traumatic birth (I had 3rd & 4th degree tearing)
    5. Having forceps again

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    Feb 2008

    hey there, hope my girl...we're belly buddies!

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    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    My fears so far from begining to now.....

    1. another missed m/c
    2. A problem with organs or any other abnormality
    3. Growth problems
    4. Something-anything new and different to go wrong to add my long list of losses
    5. stressing too much about stressing
    6.labour starting- due to c sections and previous placental abruption i am petrified that if labour starts something will go wrong
    7. waking up from theatre and being told another baby did not make it
    8. I hate not feeling comfortable about talking about previous pregnancies with some people- i HATE people who assume because i have no children means i have never been pregnant before- or made it this far before (32 weeks)
    9.Getting my precious baby home- and then loosing him to SIDS or an accident of some sort
    10. That something little will be wrong that the drs dont pick up on in time- which causes me to loose again

    Umm, i could keep going, but thats basically it for now

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    May 2008

    Hi Karan - looks like Monday was a big day for both of us!! Congratulations, sista

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    Nov 2008

    Well I am finding myself always concerned. I am only 5 weeks pregnant right now but it is so scary. You see I got pregnant right after my miscarriage in October. It was an early miscarriage only around 6 weeks but it was still scary. I am so young and this is my first time being pregnant. I used to think it was going to be so exciting but now all I do is worry. My last pregnancy's (miscarriage) hcg level only went as high to 40 and I didnt know that was bad then. Also I have whats called a SubSeptate Uterus and my doctor said its been known to cause preterm labor or breech babies. This time around at exactly 5 weeks my hcg level is 1332. Which I heard is really good. I have all the pregancy symptoms such as, sore breast, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, constiaption, fatigue, and of course heartburn. So I guess this forum is just nice to hear. Because it is scary to be pregnant after a miscarriage. You dont get to be oblivious to the negative parts of pregnancy, in fact you are all to aware of them.

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    Mar 2009

    Unhappy New and confused


    I was late by a few weeks and got a double kit pregnancy test, I tested at night time and came back negative, I tested the next morning and came back positive! That day I also started bleeding. I was very confused and booked in at the docotors for another pregnancy test and spoke with the nurse. She said I was pregnant and told me all the things I needed to do and said if my bleeding gets heavy or sore to call them. The bleeding continued over the weekend and I booked in to see the Dr but couldn't see him until that Friday, after a very long week of not knowing I saw him and was sent to get some blood tests to determine if I miscarriaged. I then recieved a phone call saying I had . It's now been 6 weeks and I havn't recieved my period, I have been getting cramps the last 2 weeks and thought it was all just because of the MC but then.......I had breakfast and almost through it up and thought I better do another test which has come back POSITIVE??????? This is the first time of being pregnant and it's been an emotional rollercoaster I am so confuse and don't know what's going on? I've booked in to see the Doctor Wednesday........is it normal to cramp?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2008

    I have so many things floating in my head right now.
    Each test is like another hurdle jumped over. Innocently each time I have thought that we were threw the worst, that innocence is gone and I am a true realist now.
    My concerns now are
    1. Seeing a strong healthy heart beat at our scan in just under two weeks
    2. Getting through until the 12 week scan and seeing bub healthy etc
    3. I will worry about everything else until I have them in my arms.....and then its new worries to contend with

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    Jan 2009

    So,I am pregnant for the 6th time, after 4 angels previously.

    1-5 greatest fears this time:
    1. Having to miscarry at home, giving birth to a first trimester baby on my toilet because the hospital won't admit me if it all goes wrong again.
    2. Having to make the decision to allow doctors to remove a baby while it is still growing (if I have a heterotopic pregnancy).
    3. Molar pregnancy
    4. Miscarriage of any kind.
    5. My father being right when he said if this one doesn't turn out I should stop trying because the miscarriages are affecting my health and therefor making me not able to properly look after DD.

    Plus loads of others. But at this moment, today, they're my top 5.

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    Oct 2009

    every little thing...

    Hi all,

    I'm pregnant again after too too many late losses. I can really relate to what everyone here is going through - I feel a bit like I'm missing out on 'enjoying' the pregnancy because I'm busy being paranoid about every little muscle twitch, and Googling all the medications I have to take to see if they have been "proven" to prevent it happening again. I don't have five worries - just one: that I'll lose this little bub. So far I've made it to the 6 week scan, the 7 week scan, the 8 week scan, the 9 week scan... so far so good. I'm also on some medications that will apparently make my chances better (wish they had worked that out earlier).

    I think that only another pregnant woman who has experienced miscarriage/s can understand the level of paranoia we are all experiencing. That must be why these forums work

    Top 5 worries:

    (1) That the next ultrasound will show no hb.
    (2) That there will be some issue with my cervix and I'll have a late loss.
    (3) Every little muscle spasm or tiny cramp (which can, Podgy, be normal - my obstetrician told me some cramping is ok as long as it's not regular or strong and not accompanied by bleeding)
    (4) That after I stop the progesterone something will go wrong and my body won't make enough or something
    (5) That me or the bub will get some kind of haemorrhage (I'm on heparin)

    GOOD LUCK ladies. I hope your bubs stick, and that your worries are unfounded ;0

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    Apr 2010
    Blue Mountains, NSW

    Question Top 5

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant after miscarrying September 2009 at about 7 weeks .
    I am now battling anxiety with every new day. Some days are better than others but my endless thoughts seems to take over far too easily. The below Top 5 concerns may seem like I am not excited about being pregnant - I am. I just don't know how I will bare the pain of going through another miscarriage.

    Here are my top 5 concerns:

    #1 - A missed miscarriage - I am scared to death the same will happen as last time. I had no idea that I had had a missed miscarriage although I did comment to my yoga teacher that I didn't feel pregnant anymore.
    #2 - Not feeling pregnant anymore - reduced symptoms e.g. reduced tiredness, reduced tightness in abdomen, reduced breast soreness and on and on.
    #3 - Telling friends and family and then having another miscarriage - I know that friends and family will be excited for us but I can't be excited because I am so convinced that something will happen. I also don't want to explain to others including those at work that I have had another miscarriage.
    #4 - Anxiety - I am finding it difficult not to think about what has happened in the past and can only think about the negative things that could happen in the future. I'm sacred my anxiety will have an effect on my pregnancy.
    #5 - Going for my early ultrasound this Frideay coming and seeing no heart beat.

    Thanks for listening xx
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    Jun 2010

    hear you loud and clear

    hi matilda,
    I understand completely how you feel, I had a m/c october 2009 and am now 6 weeks.i had a healthy baby at my 6 week scan with the m/c around 8 weeks i stopped feeling pregnant everyone told me its ok it was just my morning sickness had passed and thing were fine, well at my 12 week mark i started bleeding and the hospital told me i was fine it was just an implantation bleed go home rest well sunday at 3am all hell broke lose. Cant face going through the details . but i was traumatised i spent a week in hospital, And they did tell me the baby was only an 8 week size.

    my 5 top fears would be
    1. carrying a baby that has passed and know body helpping me, ( freaks me out that i carried that baby for 4 weeks after).
    2. losing a baby in the toilet again ( something i will never forget ) and then going in to full contractions.
    3. Getting passed 12 weeks and something going wrong.
    4. The though of feeling of what wrong with me , what could i have done, what did i do wrong, and maybe i could have done? and the anger i felt.
    5. Feeling that if this happens again, how do i pick myself up and the fear that ill be to scared to try again.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2010

    yes, anxiety running high

    New here-- but feeling like I want to chime in--

    My top five worries:
    1. That I will have another missed miscarriage and show up for an ultrasound and hear "there is no heartbeat."
    2. That I will get another stupid UTI infection and freak out over the drugs given to me.
    3. That I won't be able to "enjoy" pregnancy or an emotional bond because of the fear of #1
    4. That I will ingest something that is laden with icky bacteria and cause some problem.
    5. That I will have another pre-miscarriage dream/nightmare, which happened the 1st time around

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    Jan 2010

    #1: Another missed m/c - I knew something was wrong for 2 weeks last time and no one listened to me.
    #2: Losing my pg symptoms again
    #3: Doing everything different this time (being calm, not worrying too much, cutting down instead of cutting out caffiene etc) and still losing the baby
    #4: Going to my ultrasound next week and still seeing no HB
    #5: Never getting to see a HB

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    Jan 2012
    Western Suburbs Melbourne

    Well, firstly I have to day all you BB ladies are very brave, and your stories DEFINATLEY help others!

    I am sad that I am having to post on this particular forum topic, but I am very proud to be amongst others who will understand what it's like and help ourselves overcome these hurdles, until we have healthy bubs!

    My top five worries/fears/wishes ~ now post blighted ovum
    1. To be disappointed, and not enjoy the next pregnancy, because I'm scared it wont be a good one again. The stress of knowing things too early, analyzing every little thing and trying to work out what my 'normal' is!
    2. To disappoint DH, as he is the most wonderful, supportive, patient man, who also so wants to be a parent. As much as we both know we couldn't have done anything to make our bubble grow, I can't help but shake the feeling it's my dodgy bits that didn't make bubble grow : (
    3. When the next BFP appears, the anxiety & emotions just go away, and my na´vetÚ creates a blissful, boring but healthy pregnancy!
    4. Overcoming pangs of sadness, to be happy for others who are pregnant, or just had a bubs. I just hate making others feel bad or make them feel as though I need their sympathy.
    5. That I won't be able to get pregnant again - for all unreasonable reasons imaginable.

    Thanks for reading ladies, it's helps get it off my mind!