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Thread: Being asked how's bubs?

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    Default Being asked how's bubs?

    Stupid question, sorry!

    So you're pregnant and you start to get a lot of people ask 'how's bubs?' Or something along those lines..

    I get asked this a lot and I never know how to answer it. You find out at scans and doctors appointments, etc, how the baby is but you never really seem to actually know until he/she is born.

    So how do you answer it?

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    Default Re: Being asked how's bubs?

    I would just say "good thanks"

    And move along to the next subject.

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    Default Re: Being asked how's bubs?

    Growing is an honest answer.

    For people I don't like, I'll start asking the bump and having a conversation, then relate "baby says fine" after a few minutes.

    If they don't know you're pregnant, act confused and let them feel embarrassed. That's fun.

    Did I ever mention I have an evil side?

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    Default Re: Being asked how's bubs?

    I also found this a really strange and difficult question. If/when there were complications I didn't really want to discuss them with a stranger and then it felt weird to say fine.
    I like the growing suggestion.
    I often said OK or still inside

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