thread: Coping with low blood pressure

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    Coping with low blood pressure

    For my last 2 antenatal appointments my blood pressure has been a bit low. 101/60 and 103/66. Normally it's 120/75. The last few days i have been really feeling it go down more. I'm dizzy and nausous and only feel better when laying down on my side. I can't stand to too long otherwise my head feels like its going to roll off. And sitting makes me sick and dizzy too.

    How can i cope with this? I'm greatful its low and not high but geez i feel rotton! Added that with 2 demanding children, makes for a very long and struggling day.

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    I suffer with low BP, Dr`s have told me to make sure I never get dehydrated and don`t miss meals so whenever I go out somewhere I always make sure I have water on hand, as far as I know there`s not much else you can do except for being careful and if you feel like your going to faint to sit or lie down.

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    :yeahthat: What Dee said!

    I have low blood pressure and found that skipping meals makes it worse, even though when I'm having an episode that eating is the last thing I want due to the nausea.

    It helps to get up slowly and before you do, rotate your ankles around a dozen times to help get the blood flowing from your legs back upto your body and increasing your oxygen.

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    Skipping meals is something i have been doing all pregnancy because of morning sickness still hanging around.

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    Hi there This is my first post here, and this is the first thread that I read - it's the biggest problem that I'm too suffering with at the moment. My blood pressure went from 145/85 pre-pregnancy, to 110/55. I'm basically so sick I rarely leave the house, so I feel yor pain! I'm due to speak to the docs tomorrow about it, as I've only been monitoring my BP at home for a week ... but increasing the salt in your diet is meant to help tremendously. Of course, speak to your doc first, as with anything. But I had a gatorade and salted cashews for a snack yesterday morning and had the most energetic day that I have had in a long while.

    Most of my days are spent lying down with my head spinning and nausea too! I also have a 3 year old son, and am finding it extraordinarily difficult coping with low BP and a toddler. And as you said, I am grateful it's low BP and not high ... but it is definitely a horrid thing to have to contend with.

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    It's hard isn't it, when you're expierencing low blood pressure. On a good day, my bp will be 90/60, in pregnancy, it's a lot lower than that.
    It's hard when you've got morning sickness (I had it 24/7 with DD1, right up until I delivered her), but it is very important to try and eat whenever possible. Try and eat small meals reguarly, rather than 3 large meals.

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    I have low blood pressure and will have it for the rest of my pregnancy. A few weeks ago I was struck with the flu and because bubs took everything I became dehydrated and my blood pressure dropped to the point i was nearly hospitalised. The doc told me to drink heaps of water for the next couple of days (by the end of it i felt like a fish) but i picked up and now feel ok apart from the occasional dizzy spells. I have to constantly drink so it doesnt happen again but its a real pain cause im running to the toilet alot anyway!

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    Tegan, I've got the same problem. My BP was 105/55 and then 100/55. It makes me feel light headed and sometimes car sick, and combined with morning sickness it sucks! I just try to keep up my sugars, drink lots of water, and stand up slowly so I don't topple over. It must be hard chasing after the kids!

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    I always have low blood pressure, usually around 100/60 not pregnant. Mine has been shockingly low so far down to 80/50 last week.

    I do what others have suggested, take it easy standing, make sure I eat and drink regularly. I do have to be careful when I am out though because I automatically want to drink less (the pee factor!) and I feel quite ill if I do.

    As you said it is much better to be on the low side than the high side. But I wish mine were more in the middle

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    Re: Coping with low blood pressure

    wowsers - 80/50 - you take the cake happyMess.

    Mine is around 90/60, but I have never really felt the ill-effects of low BP (except for when I fainted once during my first pregnancy).

    but I'm monitoring this thread with interest.