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    Counting kicks

    Just wondering how I begin to count the kicks, I'm about 22 weeks!

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    Re: Counting kicks

    A colleague at my work used to just keep a bit of paper and a pen by her keyboard. When she felt a kick she'd write down the time and just make a little mark each time she felt a movement for an hour.

    I can't remember why she needed to count kicks, but I never did it.

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    Re: Counting kicks

    I know Stormageddon has 3 half hour kickboxing sessions a day. 5am, 7pm and 10pm. If we miss one, I pop on some Bonnie Tyler to get things going.

    We also have active times at about 8am, 1pm and 4pm most days. But those are more the yoga sessions. I need at least one good stretch that stops me in my tracks a day to feel like all is going well.

    I don't count kicks (I'd get my 10 a day by 5.01am each day if I did!) but instead am aware of baby's timetable and strength. So aware of the strength. 5am wakeups most mornings from 5m.