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    Question Please don't judge!

    I feel really stupid for posting this, so please don't judge me!
    This is my first pregnancy so I have no clue about any of this...

    But I'm just wondering is there any way to like make sure bubs isn't going to be big when I give birth? I know I should be greatful that she's healthy, etc but I'm extremely worried she's going to come out big :/

    Again, please don't judge..

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    No judgement! Your body will grow your baby to the size that he/she needs to be. My first was 7ld 5oz (gestational diabetes, diet controlled), second was 8ld 10.5oz (no gd). I was more diet conscious with the
    first given i had GD but the second my diet was more relaxed but i was physically more fit and did yoga until 34 weeks - go figure. I felt 'smaller' with my second

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    I think its quite unusual to make a baby that doesn't fit out - its usually things like undiagnosed gestational diabetes that makes HUGGGE babies.

    If you are worried about having a huge baby and having to get something the size of a watermelon pushed out of something the size of a lemon - try reading some Ina May books - because she is fantastic at reassuring you that baby will come out just fine

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    I think it's perfectly normal to have a labour freak out I remember having one as well when the reality hit that this bub was going to have to come out one way or another. I'm pretty sure I posted about it too BUT like alot of things the thought of it is worse than the reality. I was wishing like mad for a 6lb baby and when my OB did a growth scan at 36 weeks and DS was already over 7lb that dream was over. He ended up being 8lb 6oz at birth (and I had a vaginal birth) and I'm now glad he had a bit of meat on him as the 6lb babies seemed so tiny and fragile in comparison. Remember if your care provider thinks Bubs is too big to birth naturally they will recommend a c-section. Try not to stress apart from smoking I don't think there is a lot you can do to reduce birth weight and I definetely don't reccomend starting to smoke

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    Don't be embarrassed! Pregnancy and birthing are extremely complex and despite modern medicine and research, still rather mysterious in many ways.

    Just as the others have said, babies come in all (healthy) shapes and sizes. Your body is designed perfectly to birth your baby. Bigger babies are not necessarily harder to birth. Many factors contribute to the type of labour and birth a woman and her babe have. X

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    I second the suggestion about reading anything from Ina May Gaskin.
    Your body is built for birth. Also checkout Calm Birth- well worth the time and $$

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    Bigger babies are not necessarily harder to birth
    Very true! My 8 pound 10 baby was much easier to push out than my 7 pound 12 one - positioning counts for a lot!

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    my biggest, I had a tiny graze and was home shortly after birth.
    My smallest, I had surgery for tearing, and spent 2 weeks in hospital.
    definitely research calm birthing etc, OP.

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    Okay, thanks everyone!

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    Oh wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one worried about having a big baby. My hubby was nearly 10pd, but I was just over 7pd. I starting to come to terms with our first bubba will be the size it wants and needs to be.

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    There is a lot of factors that contribute to the baby' size.

    Everything from your age, heredity traits, your race, your weight, nutrition and many others. But the point is that you simply can not control your baby' size, at least without hurting your infant.

    And as you said, just be happy with the baby being healthy

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    Re: Please don't judge!

    I am one of those ones that grow big babies. My last baby measured on the 95th centile at 30 weeks and the 97th at 36 weeks. I desperately wanted a vaginal birth but on knowing his size (which in my case was spot on accurate) and my pregnancy complications I chose to have a planned c-section. I was on cloud 9 after he wss born and i didnt miss out on a thing (except labor). I still saw him coming out, got to touch him all gooey and had skin to skin and tried to breastfeed. It was the best birthing decision i have made. My babies were big genetically and there was nothing i could have done to change it even though i am small framed.

    Babies, even the huge ones, are designed so they will fit out, and if for some reason your care professional and you decide its not safe then there are other options available which can still give you a wonderful experience bringing your baby into your arms, it certainly wss for me.

    Oh and for the record my baby now 14 weeks measures on the 100th centile :eek: