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    Exclamation What is this?

    I'm 26 weeks today and for the past few hours I've been getting pains in my stomach that hurt quite a bit. I'm unsure how to really explain it... It's just pain. Sometimes it'll feel like just a belly ache, other times, it feels like that pain you get when you have your period. I've had it all night and whenever I'd wake up, I'd feel it again but I was able to get back to sleep fine. Also when waking up I had back pain as well as the pain in my belly.

    Should I be worried? Or?

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    Re: What is this?

    It could be Braxton Hicks, I started getting them around the same time. You should probably check in with your midwife or dr just in case.

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    Re: What is this?

    Thanks, will do!