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Thread: Flu Vaccine & Pregnancy - Read Before You Get The Flu Shot!

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    Default Flu Vaccine & Pregnancy - Read Before You Get The Flu Shot!

    Flu Vaccine and Pregnancy - To Flu Shot or Not Flu Shot?

    Please have a read of this important article before you decide on getting the flu shot.

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    I have always opted out with the flu shot. My first pregnancy my doctor convinced me to get it and I had a runny nose (very annoying) for 8 months. My second pregnancy I did not get one and felt awesome. I didn't get one this tie either.

    Flu shots are experimental.

    So funny (or not really), this last flu shot they said they had it perfected and that it was 'right on'. 2 months later everyone was getting sick and they admitted that they had missed the mark by a long shot and half of the shots ended up making everyone sick.

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