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Thread: Im 38 weeks 6 days pregnant.

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    Default Im 38 weeks 6 days pregnant.

    Well today im 38 weeks 6 days pregnant, earlier today I went to the restroom and when I wipe myself it had alot of blood, and when i kept wiping it still had alot with clots, i had to put a pad on, im having pain in my cervix, with alot of pressure. I went to the hospital & they told me i haven't dilated anything, and suppously im not having any contraction, so they send me home. I have a schedule c-section for dec.1 this is my 3 c-section. Im still having pain that is coming and going, and im still bleeding alot with my pad. I don't know what to think, im so nervous because how im having a schedule c-section, i just dont want any problems, if you know anything or have been threw this please let me know, im so nervous.

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    Default Re: Im 38 weeks 6 days pregnant.

    I have no specific knowledge about this, but if you're worried - go back to the hospital and ask them to check again

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    Default Re: Im 38 weeks 6 days pregnant.

    Agree go back to the hospital.

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    Go back to the hospital asap

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