thread: Nightly Legs Cramps

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    Feb 2004

    Just an update on the persistent leg cramp situation... Had my 24w appointment yesterday & asked the Dr if there's anything I can do about the cramps.

    He suggested two things -
    1) I should drink a glass of tonic water (bleurk!) each night. Apparently the quinine (sp?) in it will help. He said ordinarily he would suggest quinine tablets, but you can't take them when pregnant.
    2) He asked if I was eating any salt, then said "you're not at all are you?". He knows me too well So he has suggested that I put a bit of salt in my cooking which will also help.

    So I have bought my tonic water & some cordial to get rid of the taste and will see how I go after tonight.

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    Nov 2003

    ive been eating a bannana a day maybe thats why i aint getting any leg cramps? lol, i wander what bannanas do to help wiht cramps? i always have one with my lunch..

    hope the cramsp get better for you soon sarah

    take care