thread: Placenta previa

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    Placenta previa

    Has anyone been diagnosed with this and if so, what symptoms / complications have you experienced?
    I'm not third trimester yet but have been told it's likely looking at things so far so wanted to hear from those further along..

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    Re: Placenta previa

    Placenta previa is where the placenta covers part or all of the cervix. There are grades 1-4 depending on how much the cervix is covered. An ultrasound is used to asses this.
    In early pg you can have a low.lying placenta. Which can 'move' which really means as your uterus grows the placenta gets further away from your cervix.
    Main thing to watch for is bleeding, most commonly without pain. So any bleeding needs to get checked. If your cervix dilates at all your placenta can abrupt (come away from you uterus).