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    Weird belly

    Little bit concerned tonight. There's something weird with my belly. I have had a muffin top all my life, even as a kid. Even when I lost 11kg a few years ago all over my body, the stupid thing stuck around. Having a C-section with DD didn't help. This whole pregnancy I've been waiting for it to fill out and firm up, but no... my uterus seems to be underneath this pesky fat layer. Anyway it's been soft and jiggly since day 1, but now I have discovered tonight (34 weeks) what feels like a lumpy section in the muffin top. It feels like it's as big as a golf ball flattened into a disc. I don't think it's connected to my uterus at all but it's got me worried. But surely they would have seen something like this at my scans, right? Not sure what to do. Next appointment and scan is Thursday.

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    Re: Weird belly

    I don't have much advice on this but I think you should ask them about it at your next scan and appointment. If anything to put your mind at ease.

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    Re: Weird belly

    Sometimes you can get cellulitis in that area, which is a swollen area, looks dimpled sometimes and it often red and sore. Not sure if you have these symptoms. Otherwise I don't know!

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    Re: Weird belly

    I had that too - it wasn't noticeable until after I'd given birth, and it was pretty hard, almost like a belt buckle sized rectangle.

    I actually started a thread about it! Maybe March 2012 ... ?

    Anyway, someone said what it was called (I don't remember, sorry) and it was basically liquid, which slowly but surely goes away. It took a few months though, so if it's that, don't stress, but don't hold your breath either - it takes a while.