thread: Overlocker recommendations

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    Overlocker recommendations

    I have two sewing machines, since I do a reasonable amount of sewing I would really like an overlocker to tidy up those seams.

    There is one in the spotlight catalog for $199. A "semco 750D". Has anyone heard of Semco before? Are they a reliable brand? I've had a quick look for reviews but haven't found any on this particular model.

    Is their an overlocker you would recommend or any features that I *must* have?


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    Re: Overlocker recommendations

    Dh got a me a Janome 644D. Not sure the price and not sure I want to know. Still going well after 11 years of sporadic use (so long periods of quiet, followed by monster sewing sessions)
    He got it from Statewide and I got a free sewing lesson on how to use it (so well worth it). I liked that he got it from there, as I could always walk in, say what I was sewing and they would know what needles to sell me. They would also answer any other queries (very sad to not have a centre like that down where I am now).

    As for features?? A rolled hem is super handy.

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    Re: Overlocker recommendations

    I'd say spend a bit more on a better one because if you sew regularly you will very quickly finding yourself using the over locker for almost everything.

    I've got a brother 3034d and love it but the Janome that Astrid was talking about is great too.

    Rolled hem is useful, 4 threads is essential (I often just sew things together with the over locker and 4 thread gives a better result) and being able to disengage the cutting blade is great too.