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    I'm back on a tight budget... extremely tight! I need to start baking snacks.

    Looking for idea's. Not too fussed on just how healthy, only thing we strictly avoid in this house are additives & colours

    Just looking to broaden the range for school & after school snacks. My kids eat fruit til it's going out of fashion, but they aren't all that keen on fruit mixed in with their foods I've done apple pancakes etc... 2 of 4 will usually eat them, but the other 2 won't.

    I've made scones & jam drops today & I'm looking for idea's along these lines just to make on occasion. Things low on sugar would be good. The scones I just made only have a teaspoon of sugar in them. I'll be trying pumpkin scones in the next few days

    If there's anything you can bake/make with veggies, that don't LOOK or TASTE like veggies, I'm all for it! (Even after going through the food processor) I do mini quiches on occasion, but eggs aren't cheap either.

    I've made veggie fritter type things, but DD3 was the only one who even tried them. I loved them when I was a kid

    Just looking for cheap, basic, quaranteed to work, old fashioned baking idea's, I think. Bikkies, slices maybe, cakes, scones etc etc...

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    Default Re: Baking idea's

    I was going to suggest pumpkin scones! I've also made sweet potato and corn scones- yummy!

    Savoury muffins with really finely ground spinach etc

    Green smoothies or green icy poles

    Frozen yoghurt with good stuff pureed in.

    Toast 'pizzas' or pizza scrolls (you can make with scone dough) with tomato, cheese, avocado, whatever really.

    Make up some pesto with spinach or rocket or even broccoli and the usual basil, pine or cashew nuts, parmesan. I use it as a pizza base, on toast, in sandwiches as well as pasta.

    Hummus- can be used as above.

    Any sort of museli slice or homemade museli bars.

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