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    I want to make some of my own bread today. My recipe says to use skim milk, but I only have full cream. Should it still work ok?

    Would they specify skim for a reason?

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    Is it milk powder? Are you using a bread machine? I don't think it will make much difference honestly.

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    No fresh milk, no water, and it also had olive oil. I'm making it by hand (it's an olive loaf). I just don't remember using milk before, but it's a new recipe.

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    Should be fine!

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    Must be the day for bread. I'm making a dark rye loaf with sunflower and pumpkin seeds added.

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    I decided to try my hand at danish pastry today - silly idea given it's about 37 degrees here! Results were okish!

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    Yum they both sound great!

    My olive bread came out good. DH is a fan

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