thread: ****tail Recipes

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    Jun 2003

    ****tail Recipes

    Ok seeing as I am sure some of you did some drinking last night...I thought we could start a ****tail thread and share some of our faves.

    Two of my faves are

    The Polly Bar's "The Mistress" - Polly is a ****tail bar in brunswick...if you love ****tails you will LOVE this place...and when I have been there this is my drink of choice, and I have mastered the recipe too

    Use a nice glass, like a martini or ****tail glass. Coat the rim with castor sugar...to do this I normally have a saucer with castor sugar in it, rim the glass with one of the liquers I normally use the strawberry schnapps (just dip your finger and run it around the edge) then turn the glass upside down and dip it in the castor sugar. You can also use a damp teatowel or sponge (new/clean) but I prefer the liquer. Or you can use fruit too.

    After you have sugar coated the glass fill the glass with some ice (as much or as little as you would like)...then...add...

    1 shot Vodka
    1 shot Strawberry Schnapps
    1 shot Lychee Liquer
    And fill the glass with Champers


    Second Favourite would be...

    Cosmopolitans (this recipe is for the real thing, so it is quite strong)

    Using a shaker ...

    4 shots of vodka
    2 shots of cointreau
    2 shots of cranberry juice
    1 shot of lime juice

    Add some ice after all the ingredients, shake and pour....into a martini glass of course If you wish to sugar coat the glass, run a wedge of lime around the edge of the glass and then dip in castor sugar.



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    A couple of my faves from the top of the head

    **** Sucking Cowboy
    3 doses of Butterscotch Schnapps
    1 dose of Irish Cream

    Serve in a shot glass

    Prepare in Glass

    How to prepare:
    Three quarters of a shot glass filled with Butterscotch Schnapps. Using a spoon to assist with the topping up of Bailey's Irish Cream.

    My SIL can't wait till I have the baby so I can go around to down a few of them at her place

    There is also one that I thought sounded absoultly horrid ie what was put into it but wasn't too bad. It was called an "Andy" and was Kahula and Coke but I can't remember how many parts of each it was.


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    Jun 2003

    Sounds like a black russian minus the vodka

    Marc's fave is CSCB's too but he usually has it in a glass not a shotglass LOL!


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    Feb 2004

    I have to say this is my fav. We found it in an old ****tail book one afternoon at my sister's while trying out every new recipie we could find ( I used to drink a lot there) Anyway, here goes:

    Golden Dragon
    30ml Grand Marnier
    15ml Galliano
    90ml pineapple juice

    mix and drink. Of course, you can always use more, just stick to those proportions.

    I used to make this Iced Coffee for my Mum in Summer when Dad was out. She said it helped her to sleep! Cadbury's liquer works really well instead of Baileys, but you can use almost any liquer in this. I'm sure we all know what goes well with coffee!
    Baileys Iced Coffee
    2tsps French Style Jarrah coffee powder 15ml hot water
    15ml Baileys
    130ml milk
    Ice cream

    Add coffee to water. Stir until dissolved. Add Baileys, milk and stir.
    Add ice cream just before serving.

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    J's_mummy Guest

    I'll add one of my favourites.

    Midori Splice

    30ml Midori
    30ml Malibu
    Top with Pineapple Juice

    Float cream on the top.


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    Orkids Guest

    You people are bad influences!! Cailin 'The Mistress' sounds fantastic. Will give it a try one day!!

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    Jun 2003

    Ok I'm resurrecting this one...

    We went to our local on the weekend and found that they had 2 of our fave vodkas "absolut level" and "ciroc" also had a try of the van gogh melon mixed with schwepps agrum and it was great!

    Tonight I'm having a Vodka, Peach schnapps and Lemonade and omg it is goood


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    Mar 2004

    Since you're nice people I'll share some of my recipies with you (I don't need them anymore so they're declassified lol).

    Long Island Iced Tea
    The secret is the sugar syrup. You make this by simmering sugar in water until it reduces to a syrup.
    build it over ice in a highball glass or a hurricane glass
    1 shot (30ml) vodka
    1 shot bacardi
    1 shot gin
    1 shot tequila
    1 shot of sugar syrup
    dash of lemon juice
    and top up with coke.

    extra extra dry martini
    prepare in a shaker over ice
    1 shot chilled bombay saphire
    get a bottle of dry vermouth hold it between the light and the shaker so that the light passes through it to the gin
    turn the shaker over once and then back again
    pour into a martini glass
    for the modernist you may add a touch of midori (it looks nice)

    Doesn't have a name but you build it over ice in a highball
    1 shot vodka
    1 shot butterscotch schnapps
    1/2 shot baileys
    top up with milk.

    for a variation on the muddled drinks get mixed berries, put a few berries in the bottom of a glass with some castor sugar and some vodka, bash it a bit, add a bit of ice, crush it up a tiny bit and stick a straw in it.

    a twist on the cowboy - after you build it get a shot glass and put grenadine in it. get a straw and put it in the grenadine. hold your thumb over the straw to create an airlock. lift the straw and put a couple of drops (no more) of grenadine in the cowboy. it will sink to the bottom making an interesting pattern and differant after taste.

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    Jun 2003

    I was gonna say... what are you doing posting in here Great recipes chloe! I'll be trying. Got a great recipe for a blueberry pancake (as its called) with blueberries, vodka, maple syrup, sugar syrup... will post soon!


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    Apr 2005

    What's your favourite ****tail recipe?

    I'm trying to plan a last-minute ****tail party for my sister's hen's night, as the races here in Brisbane have been cancelled due to equine flu. So ... I need a couple of good, girly ****tails - preferably with ingredients that will do for more than one ****tail IYKWIM.

    What's your favourite ****tail recipe?

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    May 2007
    Brisbane, Australia

    I love....

    Crushed ice...quarter limes and squeeze 2 over the ice...throw the limes in...a good splash of gin, then that fizzy pink grapefruit drink....garnish with a sprig of mint and SWILL. It's easy and relatively cheap. It looks very girly...I guess you could replace the gin with vodka or bacardi too, but I love the citrusy taste that gin has.

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    Jun 2006
    Gold Coast, Australia

    Fruit Tingles:
    Blue Curacao
    Red Cordial

    Mix 60mL (2 shots)vodka, 60mL Blue Curcao, then fill shaker with ice and lemonade, add red cordial and shake!!!

    Very yummy, cheap, it turns out a really cool purple colour, and you can use all ingredients for numerous other ****tails

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    Jun 2003

    There's a thread that exists here somewhere... will find it for you

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    Apr 2005

    Thanks for merging the threads Cai - there's some yummy ****tails that I'm going to have to try!

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    Jun 2003

    I'll think of some more, but Cherie I have 4 ****tail encyclopedia's here so do you have a favourite?

    Punch, vodka based, champagne ****tail, creamy ****tail, strong/light, fruity?

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Pickled Brains
    1 nip Kahlua
    1/2 nip Cointreau
    Yellow Advocaat
    Shot glass

    First layer Kahlua, then using a spoon layer the Cointreau so that is floats on top.
    Then carefully dribble the advocaat so that it looks like a little floating brain.

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    Aug 2007
    Melbourne - west

    Fire Engines

    red cordial (Schweppes is best)

    I now drink them minus vodka as expecting! My son also loves them (minus vodka of course!).....

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    Jun 2003

    Bellini (this is a girly drink )

    50 ml peach juice
    100ml chilled champagne
    dash of grenadine (optional)
    peach slices to decorate

    Mix ingredients gently in a tall champagne flute and garnish with apricot slice

    Bacardi ****tail II

    37.5 ml Bacardi 8 yo rum
    25 ml apple juice
    10 mls chambord
    5 mls sugar syrup
    ice cubes
    2 ****tail cherries to decorate

    Put the run, apple juice, chambord an sugar syrup in a mixing glass with some ice cubes and stir until chilled. Strain into a chilled ****tail glass and decorate with ****tail cherries.

    Apple-soaked Mojito

    8 mint leaves
    1/2 lime, cut into wedges
    2 teaspoons sugar syrup
    crushed ice
    50 ml golden rum (e.g. havana)
    25ml apple juice
    mint sprig and red apple slices to decorate

    muddle the mint, lime and sugar syrup in a shake. Fill a highball glass with crushed ice. Add the rum to the shaker and shake well. Do not add ice to the shaker. Strain the drink into a highball glass and top up with apple juice. Decorate with a mint sprig and apple slice.

    Lady of Leisure

    25ml gin
    12.5 ml chambord
    12.5 ml Cointreau
    dash of lemon juice
    25 ml pineapple juice
    ice cubes
    strips of orange rind to decorate

    Put the gin, chambord, cointrea, lemon juice and pineapple juice into a shaker with some ice cubes and shake to mix. Strain into a chilled ****tail glass and decorat with orange rind.

    Camp Grenada

    Ice cubes
    1 1/2 measures of campari
    1/2 measure grenadine
    2 measures grapefruit juice
    1 measure pineapple juice
    3 measures cold lemon-lime
    soda (e.g. lemonade)
    seasonal fruit

    Half fill the shaker with ice cubes.
    Pour in the grapefruit and pineapple juices.
    Add the grenadine and Campari and shake well.
    Strain into an ice filled Collins glass and top with the lemon-lime soda. Garnish with seasonal fruit.

    French Martini

    1 1/2 oz Vodka
    1/4 oz Chambord
    1 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice

    Shake ingredients in a shaker with ice, strain into a martini glass.

    There's a few more I want to post... Some others I thought of were classics like Long Island Ice Tea, Japanese Slipper etc