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thread: DD11 and &^&%&% taxi driver

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    Dec 2007

    DD11 and &^&%&% taxi driver

    Our car is at the mechanics so I've been sending DD11 to school by taxi in the mornings. I picked her up this afternoon and she told me when the driver arrived at school he said to her "you're hot, do you want to go out with me'", she said "no" and got out real fast. I have the Reg and the driver's ID number, I'm going to ring the police I just needed to tell someone before I do. I'm so angry with this driver for upsetting DD in this way, how dare he say this to her and I'm feeling so guilty for sending her on her own. We get the car back tomorrow but I told her she'll never go in a taxi alone again.


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    Jun 2008
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    That's appalling Diane. Definately call the police. Your poor DD. is she ok?

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    Apr 2006

    That is disgusting. Your poor girl. I hope she's ok. I would be reporting it to the police and also the taxi board.

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    Disgusting! Report him for sure, that's def not on!
    Good on your DD for telling you!

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    Sep 2007

    OMG so so so so not cool.

    I'd ring the taxi company too, make the jerk lose his job.

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    Yuck. hope he loses his job at the very least. hugs to your DD. x

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    Apr 2012

    Wow that is not cool, at all. Definitely do something about it!!

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    Jul 2011

    That is terrible! Well done to your daughter for the way she acted and in telling you what went on. And good on you for taking it further...

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    She is 11.... what on earth was he thinking???? I hope you get this resolved quick smart!

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    Jan 2009

    Dianne that is appalling! Let us know how you go.

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    Jul 2007

    That is disgusting how dare he. Call police and the taxi company.

    Hope she is ok xoox

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    Sep 2011

    Oh gosh, I hope she is ok.

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    Dec 2007

    I've rang the police, he was so nice, took down details and is going to write up a report and send it to (can't remember where). It is going to be followed up, he also suggested to make a complaint with the taxi company, havn't done that yet. DD was doing ok up until I told her I was going to make a complaint, shouldn't have said anything to her. She started saying maybe she made a mistake, maybe it was a student walking past, maybe she heard him wrong, she's worried or scared. I've reassured her she's done nothing wrong, he is the adult, I also praised her for saying no straight away and getting out.


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    Poor kid totally not her fault, even if there was the slighter chance he was saying it about someone outside the car, it's still totally inappropriate!
    Hope he gets what he deserves. Scumbag.

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    Jan 2010

    Oh wow. That's awful. I'm glad your daughter got out safely and was smart enough to let you know what happened. O hope she feels better soon xxx

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    She's done nothing and tell her from all us how proud we are of her for telling you and saying no and getting out. I'm really angry poor girl. Much love to you all xx

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    Dec 2007

    Rang the taxi company and they said I need to make the complaint via e-mail. This has affected DD more than I thought, last night she was so very quiet, just not herself. She asked how she would be getting to school and I told her we can get a taxi but I will come too, she didn't want a bar of it, she was begging me for us to walk, which we did.


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    Apr 2009
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    Oh hun hugs to you and huge hugs to your daughter (how old is she?)

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