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Thread: Kid safe knives for cooking

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    Default Kid safe knives for cooking

    I'd like a knife that DD2 who is 7 can safely use for cutting raw veggies, etc.

    From memory, I started DD1 off with a butter knife & then a serrated paring knife, but she was older, less interested in cooking & much clumsier than DD2 (LOL) so cut a much smaller selection of things.

    After your recommendations, please.

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    Default Re: Kid safe knives for cooking

    My girls just use what we use, stay sharp knives, I figured if they cut themselves, they cut themselves, no accidents so far

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    Default Re: Kid safe knives for cooking

    My kids use these: They find them easier to cut with because they can use both hands to push down. Otherwise they just use normal knives. I got them from the 'I am Montessori' online shop.

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    Pampered Chef children's knife is very safe. But we just use normal knives now. Not my very sharp ones, but fairly sharp ones. Have used sharp knives from about age 6 with supervision.

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