thread: Schools in Melbourne East

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    Schools in Melbourne East

    Hi everyone,
    We are considering moving to Melbourne so I am looking for some advice on suburbs in the Melbourne east, as far up as Eltham, out to Berwick and down to Mornington and in between!
    Our son is 4, so we are looking for a family/child friendly community, (maybe) into sustainable living and with a nice, friendly feel to it. We are looking at renting first as we are from West Aus.
    Have no idea about schools in Melbourne, but would really like a good primary school, with good academic learning, but also a good school community feel to it with friendly teachers and parents.
    Thanks, any info much appreciated! :-))

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    Re: Schools in Melbourne East

    Hi honey. Welcome to Melbourne. That's an absolutely massive area to look in. I'd probably narrow down where you want to live first, then pick the best school in that area. Also you will need to consider public vs private schools (private schools in Melbourne can be very expensive).

    What are your other housing priorities? Close to a train line? Close to the beach? Will DH be driving to work and if so, where is work and how long does he want to spend in the car? What other sort of amenities do you want - do you need space for a dog to roam, close to a park or shopping centre etc?

    Once you've worked out those details and narrowed down an area, it will be much easier to help with schools

    Best wishes.

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    Re: Schools in Melbourne East

    Check our the Village School in Croydon.