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Thread: How long does it take to settle in at a new school?

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    Default How long does it take to settle in at a new school?

    As per the long does it usually take children to settle in at a new school?

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    Think it will really depend on the child. I've seen some kids adapt and integrate really easily (i.e. a couple of days), and others take weeks/months.

    If the boys are struggling to settle in, are you able to fast-track the "getting to know you" process with some after school play dates? Or could you encourage them to join a special interest group/sport team within the school?

    Some kids will also need to find closure for the school they've just left before they can embrace the new one.

    Hope you find the answers you're looking for.

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    How old is the child too? I think younger kids settle easier because the older kids seem to have friendship groups that are harder to break into. DD1 staretd new school 2nd term of prep and settled quite easily think all the kids being friendly helped, plus they buddied her up with kids in her class first couple days. She also is one too who will talk to other kids.

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