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Thread: Year 1 - below average writing

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    My son is in year one and he has below average writing. He was assessed as a 'stanine 3'. The teacher is referring him to the special education teacher who is coming to observe him over the next two days. She thinks he may need to see a speech pathologist.

    I am also thinking of starting tutoring for him. Any suggestions on things I should think about or do? Should I get him tested for a learning difficulty? I'm not really sure what to do and any advice would be great. I should add that he reading is average and is maths is average as well. My parents think maybe he is abit distracted and needs a push. I have no idea!


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    Do you mean handwriting or expressive writing (like getting his ideas on the paper). If it's handwriting I'd suggest visiting with an occupational therapist for an assessment. My son has handwriting issues and also has trouble getting his ideas on paper and with motor planning in general. Perhaps a good start would be the school counsellor as they can usually do some learning assessments to get you started.

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    An OT can help with handwriting.
    You can do some stuff at home too. Just google occupational therapy for handwriting and you will find games that help improve grip strength and hand/eye co-ordination.

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