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Thread: Best place to buy scrapbook stuff? Scapbook shop, internet, Big W or somewhere else?

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    Default Best place to buy scrapbook stuff? Scapbook shop, internet, Big W or somewhere else?

    Could you please tell me the best place to buy scrapbook albums, paper etc.

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    i think sometimes you get what you pay for
    you can buy anywhere but i would suggest that you make sure you get items that are acid and lignen (can't recall spelling!) free. these two chemicals will likely deteriorate your layout and can impact your photos over time. short term (few years) they will all lookthe same, but when you look 10-15 years down the track, you may have problems

    you don't have to go with the super exxy (creative memories are on the higher end of the price scale from what i can gather) but i would avoid the really cheap places unless you can see that that they are acid and lignen free (or archival quality) - you'd hate to go to all that work only to find it still goes brown a few years from now and loses all the vibrancy of your layout!

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    It depends on what you are making. If you are making something you want to keep for a long time, I do agree with briggsy's girl.

    However if you are making cards, or experimenting with cutting things out or colours, there's lots of cheaper items around. Bargain shops, Big W, have a not too bad range. Spotlight have some supplies.

    Online there's a site called Blue Edge crafts or something, that's the cheapest one I found.

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    Perhaps attend a few classes so you can play with a few different types of products and get a feel for what you like. As a previous poster said there is creative memories, stampin' up, kaiser crafts etc

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    You might want to inquire at Love JK. Try checking their Facebook page.

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    I don't scrapbook but my Aunty and her best friend are OBSESSED, and they love little scrap book shop
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