thread: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

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    re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    e eat whatever we feel like. I grew up with fish on Fridays. Mum was raised a Catholic so still clung to some of the traditions.

    I have been told off for it. Was eating a venison burger from a food van(who must have had no issue with serving red meat on Good Friday). The people telling me off were not the type to live by Christian ideals in their every day life. I found it so hypocritical.

    There is a lot more to eating fish than Good Friday. In Elizabethian Times many laws were passed to do with eating fish. More to do with raising money for the navy than religion.

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    re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    Sometimes we eat fish, sometimes we don't. Tonight we're having ribs lol! If I remember, it's usually just a good excuse for a fish and chips night

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    re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I have eaten fish (and no other meat) on Good Friday my entire life. Will continue to do so until I sleep with the fishes.

    I also don't eat Easter eggs until Easter Day and usually avoid hot cross buns until Good Friday.

    I'm a stickler for a tradition.

    Eta - the reason it is considered that fish isn't flesh/meat is that they are not 'carne' which, in Latin, means warm blooded, land mammal/bird. So, technically, using this definition, fish aren't meat. (Not saying that this is the case by other definitions).

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    re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    We eat fish at least once a fortnight so it's no hardship for us to have it on Good Friday. DH and my mum were both raised with the tradition, so yes, we eat fish in Good Friday. But if we were travelling, I'd eat whatever - I'd rather not eat seafood from a shop I don't know.

    Dad has requested squid, mum wants crumbed prawns, so we will be doing a bit of a mixture of stuff, which isn't as "normal" for us, but they paid, so who cares, right?

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    re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I don't eat fish ever but we don't have red meat. I have chicken boys have fish

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    re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    born and raised Catholic, so no, we don't eat red meat on Good Friday. When I was younger we didn't eat meat on Fridays for the 40 days of lent, but I stopped doing that once I was old enough

    can't remember who asked, but the abstinence is from flesh of warm blooded animals (beef, lamb, chicken etc). fish is allowed because it is a (generally) a cold blooded animal (with some exceptions) and it is also the meat with which Jesus shared a meal with his disciples.

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    re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I am christian and yes I eat meat on Good Friday. As far as I am aware, the no red meat thing stemmed from a Catholic tradition.
    My love for Jesus/God does not change regardless of whether it's Monday, Friday or any other day so why would I need to change what I eat for one day of the year?

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    re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    We only eat fish on Good Friday as that is how I was raised. We are not catholic I was raised a Christian.

    It's a tradition my parents have always done and I have continued. I am working this afternoon so have instructed DH that can cook salmon burgers fir lunch and fish for dinner. I have just cooked some rice with peas and corn that I will take to work and have with tuna for dinner.

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I have eaten red meat in the past, DS birthday falls around Easter and if we have his party on food Friday then we cater for all types of meat eaters.
    But, some years, like today, I use it as an excuse to splurge on some really nice fish and shellfish.

    We did have twiggy omelettes for brekky tho

    Ps, it's amazing how many people will tell you they must only eat fish for dinner on Good Friday, but are happy to start the day with bacon and eggs.
    I pulled a few of my older relatives up for this 2 years ago when they tried to tell me DS shouldn't have been eating sausages on GF night.

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I was reading about the reasons this morning and found this on a Catholic info site.

    [QUOTE]“From the first century, the day of the crucifixion has been traditionally observed as a day of abstaining from flesh meat (‘black fast’) to honor Christ who sacrificed his flesh on a Friday,” according to “The Catholic Source Book.”[QUOTE]

    And also this:

    [QUOTE]"Since Jesus sacrificed his flesh for us on Good Friday, we refrain from eating flesh meat in his honor on Fridays. Flesh meat included the meat of mammals and poultry, and the main foods that come under this heading are beef and pork, chicken and turkey. While flesh is prohibited, the non-flesh products of these animals are not (like milk, cheese, butter and eggs).

    Fish do not belong to the flesh meat category. The Latin word for meat, “caro,” from which we get English words like “carnivore” and “carnivorous,” applies strictly to flesh meat and has never been understood to include fish.

    Furthermore, in former times, flesh meat was more expensive, eaten only occasionally and associated with feasting and rejoicing; whereas fish was cheap, eaten more often and not associated with celebrations.

    Abstinence is a form of penance. Penance expresses sorrow and contrition for our wrongdoing, indicates our intension to turn away from sin and turn back to God, and makes reparation for our sins. It helps to cancel the debt and pay the penalties incurred by our transgressions.

    Abstinence is a form of asceticism, the practice of self-denial to grow in holiness. Jesus asks his disciples to deny themselves and take up their cross (Matthew 16:24).

    Abstinence is a sober way to practice simplicity and austerity, to deny the cravings of our bodies to honor Jesus who practiced the ultimate form of self-denial when he gave his body for us on the cross.

    Thus, to give up flesh meat on Fridays, only to feast on lobster tail or Alaskan king crab, is to defeat the ascetical purpose of abstinence. Less is more!

    There are countless options for simple Friday meatless dinners: pancakes, waffles, soup and rolls, chipped tuna on toast, macaroni and cheese, fried egg sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese pizza and, of course, fish." [QUOTE]

    It's interesting how the actual meaning has been lost by most. It used to be all Fridays, but now Fridays during Lent, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. So not really in the spirit of the day for a seafood banquet!

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    We are Christian, and do often eat fish on Good Friday, but we have never specifically abstained from red meat.

    This week has been crazy, and I haven't got around to buying fish. I don't think God minds, I certainly don't mind. We don't need to eat anything in particular to remember the importance of Good Friday So dinner today is beef stew.

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    This is the first I have ever heard of it. It is not my religion however, so my new found knowledge won't stop me eating red meat today should that be what I feel like having.

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I think it's important to note that people observe their faith in different ways. To some, it is an incredibly symbolic way to honor their faith.

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I will eat what ever I feel like..

    We actually have a table booked at hogsbreath for one of their 16hr steaks tonight.... been hanging for one for ages

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I don't eat meat on Good Friday, and never have growing up.
    I agree that the real meaning behind why meat was given up on Good Friday and has been lost and replaced with gorge yourself on seafood, and some what encouraging the overfishing of the oceans (just like Christmas).
    I'm not fussed as to how people celebrate their holidays though, eat meat or not.
    At the restaurant dh is running a seafood degustation, it's booked out. However mil is disgusted that we appear to be celebrating the day by making money, but that's her problem not ours.
    My children will eat fish for dinner, I shall have something minimal (mainly because I will be working) and dh will eat whatever he can get his hands on.

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    We are having Thai Green Fish Curry this evening for dinner.
    We often eat fish on Fridays because it's quick to cook and a yummy "special" dinner for us.
    I had thought of making a pork roast this evening but I decided to cook that last night.

    I thought one of the reasons fish was eaten on Fridays (particularly in lent) was because it didn't keep well so was better eaten the day it was caught than kept over a fast day. other meats tend to keep better and could be eaten a few days after they were slaughtered.

    On an interesting note I went out to dinner with good friends who are practising Jews. I decided (out of courtesy) not to have pork when I ordered my meal. I ended up watching them enjoy pork belly! hehehheehe. I asked about this and they said "we're on holidays!"

    I personally like a simple fish meal on good Friday .......... seems like a normal way to eat just as a ridiculous feast is normal on Christmas eve!

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    I don't so it because of religion. But tradition. And I looooove seafood. I think it's the same as people who aren't religious celebrating Christmas. It's not just about religion anymore.

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    Re: Do you eat red meat on Good Friday?

    There are many different traditions in the world as well as traditions amongst families and friends. I don't mind either way if people decide to eat meat on Good Friday- but it does ink me a little if people go to great lengths to make a deal of the fact that they are eating meat. Like posts of FB with steaks with comments basically poking fun of others who choose not to eat meat.
    I don't know if I will or will not eat meat tonight. However It had absolutely no impact on me if someone does or does not eat meat today. Just like many other life choices.

    I like to think that I am mindful of others who observe this day as a holy day, and in doing is they choose to follow their Christian beliefs.