thread: Special thank-you present: gold watch

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    Jan 2007

    Special thank-you present: gold watch

    We want to get MIL something special to thank her for looking after DD for the last 18 months one day a week (and coming to our house at 715 each day to pick her up!).
    I'm thinking a really nice gold watch that we could get engraved with a special message.
    Anyone have any suggestions of good brands? Budget is $300-500. So far I've only seen stuff on either side of the budget!

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    Apr 2009
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    Depends how 'blingy' you like it?
    Guess has some nice watches- I have one myself.... It's quite flashy though.

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    Sep 2012
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    Pierre Cardin make some lovely watches.

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    Jan 2010

    Citizen make a range in that price bracket... I think it's called the 'Elegance' range?? Not too blingy if that suits your MIL.

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    Jan 2007

    Special thank-you present: gold watch

    Thanks girls. Found a couple of nice citizen Eco drive ones with little diamonds, RRP $700 but on sale for $400-500. But they are on an Aussie website so I'd have to buy without seeing in person ( no time to hunt at the shops).

    Next question- thoughts on something to engrave on the back?
    To Nanny, thanks for the time, love DD
    Or just Love DD??

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    Sep 2009

    Special thank-you present: gold watch

    How about to nanny I treasure our time love dd

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    Jan 2009

    What about a lovely grandma pendant - the ones that you have engraved with the child's name, etc. They are really personal and lovely. Google hand stamped or personalised jewellery and you'll find a lot of different ones.