Wondering how other people with shared care go dealing with school choice and associated issues.

My kids' school is 30mins away by car, with a bus that stops walking distance from my front door. My eldest son started there in prep and XH and I separated at the end of his first year of prep. Ds1 is now in grade 4 and DS2 is in prep.

XH chose to move to the suburb the school is in. We have had 50/50 shared care for 4 years since but no court orders are in place or have been sought.

I pay for all the school fees and associated costs on my own, and I pay child support to him.

I'm in a situation where I don't know if I can continue paying independent school fees for both kids on my own. I know he won't contribute as this has been made quite clear. While we both love the school, he won't object to them changing as he has a fundamental objection to non govt schools.

The problem will be choosing the school to move them to and avoiding a court case.

I live directly opposite a govt primary school, he lives down the road from one (on his street). Either way, one of us will have a 30min trip from our home to the school on the mornings we have the kids. This appears is his major consideration where mine is more which school will better suit the kids, particularly DS2 who has ADHD.

The other consideration is after school care. I have family who can collect the kids from school if it's the school local to me, and he finishes work at 330 on the days he has the kids so could easily collect them at a reasonable time.

I finish at 530 and to get them from his suburb would be more difficult than for him to get them from mine.

I don't know what to do. I'm struggling with which school is best for them, vs which is easier logistically, and how to weigh these up