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    Was wondering if anyone could explain to me the impact my DP's income has on my Child Support for DD? When we moved in together, I gave all the information to FAO and Child Support who then told me in the future I only need to actually inform one or the other as they share information - is that correct? Anyway, I've recieved my Child Support based on our new assesment period and nothing has changed, it is the same amount as it previously was - does that sound right? Does DP's income therefore not affect Child Support or does he simply not earn enough to affect it?

    I've read through the documentation I got when I first applied but I couldn't find anything that explained how a new partner's income came into things. I also read about informing when our new baby arrives, do we just inform FAO/Centrelink and Child Support get the information (as they said they shared information but I'm not sure how much exactly) from there? What sort of affect does this have on Child Support?

    DD's Dad is beyond reasonable so we don't want to be messing him over or anything (and we obviously don't want to be overpaid and then have to reconcile it later) so just want to make sure we are doing the right things.

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    Child Support is based on your income and XP's income only.

    FAO stuff is based on household income which includes your DP's income.

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    Thanks Divvy! I knew FAO was household, I'd just assumed Child Support would be too (but I guess that makes sense... it is based on me and XP's "household" essentially) so was surprised when the amount hadn't changed but good to know everything is all above board lol.

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    there is an amount of your income that is set aside for basic living expenses before child support is calculated - that varies depending on whether you are single or partnered. your partners actual income doesn't come into any calculation. so if you had a minimal income previously (income support) it was pretty much excluded from calculations based on basic living expenses, so now if you have no income (assumption!) it won't change the child support income

    your ftb will take into account yours and current partners income

    you will still need to make contact with both departments on some things (address change, change of circs like working etc) but not all things (if you have a shared care arrangement with your ex, that will auto-update between the two departments if it changes

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