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Thread: Hi guys :)

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    Red face Hi guys :)

    I haven't been around in here, & was actually going to cancel my subscription, as I'm not single, but I wanted to know if it was ok if I do stick around after all?

    DH has just lost his job after only about 3 months & so will be headed out west again (8 - 10 hours away) to go back shearing.

    I absolutely refuse to move back out there again. I hate the town he's moving to, & the people in it, & I'm not moving the kids again. They have a way better chance at a better life here.

    So, we'll be together, but I'll pretty much be parenting alone again. I don't know how long it will be for, or exactly when he's leaving. He might go this weekend as he finishes work today, but might stick around for another week first.

    I'm hoping he decides to go this weeked, coz we'll be able to afford to get by if he does, since he'll still get 3 days pay next week to catch us up on the money to get out there, if he leaves it til next week, we won't have that as back up.

    But then, I wouldn't mind him being here for another week first.

    Either way, do you guys mind me hanging around. I haven't read any posts in here lately as I feel like a bit of an intruder not being single & all.

    But if its ok with everyone, I'm sure I'll be needing you guys again at some stage

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    skye - there is a thread for people who's partners live away too - might be appropriate for you...

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