thread: I am fuming!

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    Angry I am fuming!

    You might remember that a little while ago XH and I had relationship counselling and there were 3 things (small things) he promised to do to help the relationship. One of these things was to take me to the Jimmy Barnes concert which was on last night, but XH told me he had to work that night and there was no way out of it. I know how easy it is for him to get the time off, so that was the last straw, I left for good.

    Anyhoo, today is XH birthday, so I did the good thing and got DS to call him and sing him happy birthday, then i wished him a happy birthday. Well he sounded like he was still in bed, so i asked, and he told me he was hung over from last night.....hmmmm I thought he couldn't get out of work last night. He tells me, "oh, I just chucked a sickie so I could get on the ****". Well doesnt that just make me feel like [email protected]! He managed to get the time off to drink with mates, but couldnt get the time off to save his marriage.

    I know i know, Im better off without him and all that, but it still hurts that he strung me along for so long, and I fell for his [email protected] all that time He is a piece of *****, and I wish him loads of bad karma.

    Oh, and BTW, while DS and I struggle financially, he has a months holidays from tomorrow and is off to Melbourne, and New Zealand, cause he thought he deserved break

    thanks for letting me get that off my chest

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    moron hope his holiday stinks
    to you hun, your the MUCH better parent.... well it seems the only parent

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    Widdly !

    I am so sorry you have been treated like this.

    I wish i could say something wise......

    I hope things improve


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    huge hugs huni...karma will get him and he does not deserve you at all. i really hope things get easier rach xox

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    Heya Widdly,
    Seriously, I dont think he deserves your energy at being angry at him! What a total ****.

    I think you should be celebrating that you made the right decision to leave him!

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    Jun 2008

    WHAT A ****! I hope his holiday sucks and he gets mugged and stranded!

    Sending lots of bad karma his way!!

    You can do soooo much better!

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    Mar 2008
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    Gee Hun - I reckon you should be celebrating your narrow escape....what a tool!

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    Hugs thats very sad to hear but you know what you are MUCH better off without him!!!

    You are a nice person for making the effort and getting DS to call him.

    What he has done prooves that you made the right decision.

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    Widdly, your XDH is just the biggest bloody knob there is and I for one am so excited about your new and exciting life without him. I know it will be so hard for you, but you'll get through it and you will be fabulously happy (and he will be completely miserable because he's a tool and he'll know it).

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    That is so thoughtless of him. I am so sorry you are being treated like that - you deserve so much better. Don't let him get to you hun - you will come through this far better off. And you have all of us!

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    ****er!! You do deserve better but that still must hurt

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    I told DH and he was outraged too mate. That's just not acceptable.

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    OMG wat an A*?%$ seriously that is horrible he will definently get karma dont you worry !

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    That sucks, It seems to me there isn't much of a marriage there to save and just wanted to say that even though he is in a better financial position it seems he is pretty poor in lots of other areas where you are incredibly wealthy if you know what I mean!

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    SugarDust Guest

    You are a strong woman and don't need a S#!T heads like that in you life!

    Huge hugs to you hun!

    Need anything just yell out!

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    Oh my goodness, he sounds like a coldhearted snake. He doesn't deserve you. Goodluck, I hope you find someone better. Hugs.

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    thanks so much guys x i know when i am at my lowest I can always count on all of you to get me through.

    I guess what makes me more angry is that the friend XH is drinking with, is my Uncle!

    PLUS, there are all these birthday messages on facebook for XH from my family and friends, I mean sure say happy birthday, be gees, dont gush to him about what a fabulous guy he is!

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    Why is it that we as mothers put our children 1st ALL THE TIME but males feel the need to be LOSERS!!!

    My ex is the same... I have not seen any child support from him for about a month, but at our's sons first birthday party he was an hour late as he got stuck in traffic coming back from the snow with his girlfriend. and was in a bad mood the whole time as he was tired.. great way to put your son first .... oh and didn't bother bringing anything to the party AND from the second I was pregnant he said how for Matty's 1st birthday he would get him the BIGGEST tonka truck he could find..... well he ended up getting him the most pathetic truck which is for a 6 month old... and i overheard him saying "yeah i was gonna get this cool one but it was $50 and way over my budget" ARE YOU SERIOUS...... I had to save for a month for the party and his presents and I don't have a job...