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    what are legal rights/obligations of both parents when the non-custodial parent decides to move interstate, but still wants to keep visitaion? Currently visitation is an agreement of every second weekend. Can the custodial parent refuse visitation, is the non-custodial parent effectivly giving up there visit rights by moving interstate? and would the non-custodial parent be required to arrange and cover costs of transport for visitation? The child is 2yo and obviously could not be chucked on a plane by themselves to go visit.. Asking for a family member, she will be contacting legal aid but i though i would see if anyone on here has been in a similar situation.

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    Everything depends on the individual situation. Although I'm a family law barrister, I can't comment on these things without an awful lot more than what you've put there.

    However, independent legal advice, as soon as possible, is where I'd be pointing your family member.

    Good luck.

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