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Thread: Men can't stand to live with smarter women?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nothing2lose View Post

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    wow.. thanks for all the comments... lots bright women here, all of YOU! i dont judge whose comment to who. just wonder what men thinking if readd this thread but you know whhat they dont care about this because....

    well i am goin to post new thread, the sequel, i could say. but still welcome if any member wants to add the comment of this thread

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    Not sure I understand you, elcee.

    Are you saying that men don't care about how they are perceived, or they don't care for the opinions of women? I suggest those ideas are incorrect: I know many men who would be very upset to think that women believed that they and all other men were jerks who couldn't cope with women being fantastic people. Although they would probably doubt a woman who was willing to write off half of the world's human population that easily was a fantastic person - as would I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elcee2006 View Post
    I read a lot about single mums of the separation and divorce talk from numbers of forums that i looked on.

    From those thread or comments I so much agreed to see what those women in forums, they sound very bright,smart,clever and brilliant women (i think included me)

    anyway,freeway,tollway.... is the separation / divorce because men cant stand the bright and gutsy women,like me (i think) or are women dumb enough didnt see the men their married or partnered ended up the useless men, irresponsible, abusive, horrible horrible disguting men that they had to end the our serious or long term relationship?

    is that really men can not stand live with women that after all become more smarter, matured than them? do men more love dumb and quiet women instead of bright and gutsy women??

    what d u think anyone?
    I think that divorce / seperation has nothing to do with intelligence in nearly all situations.
    To suggest that women being smart is the reason for most seperations (or even just a contributing factor) is tantamount to saying that women who don't get get seperated aren't very intelligent???

    I know alot of intelligent and a lot of stupid women who have divorced or seperated from their partners, I also know alot who are still together (myself included - we have done multiple IQ tests over the years, which show my IQ is higher then my Hubby's and it has never been an issue).

    I highly doubt anyone who knew me would ever call me dumb or quiet (definitely not quiet).

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