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    Hi, well my daughter is almost 10mths old and i've been a single mother on and off since she was born. Her father left me 2days before she was born and pops in and out of our lives as he feels. a few weeks ago i put an end to it for my daughters sake, i'd rather be single then have her grow up seeing us fight all the time. i'm lucky i live with my mother and my sister and get a huge amount of support but mainly because he refuses to help me out, you wouldn't think he is 20yrs older then me... it makes me so mad that he just has no sense of responsibility... but i'm at the point now where i know that i've got to let it go for my sake and kasey-grace but i don't know what to do with myself and how to do it... i didin't finish school and b4 kasey-grace i only had odds and ends jobs nothing to help me now...

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    If you want to go back to school, tafe or community centres often run year 11/12 classes and help out with child care.

    Your little one is still young, but what do YOU want to do in the future? Do you like sewing or other things you can do from home? Or would you like a career outside the home? Think about what you want to do first, and then work out what you need to make it happen.

    Have you applied for child support from the father? Its better to get it done officially, and then you two don't have to fight over it.

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    once upon a time i knew what i wanted to do but now i've got no idea... and as for child support i wouldn't bother i can give kasey-grace what she needs, its just not worth the stress, there is a part of me that wants him out of our lives but i know thats not fair on kc... not that he dose anything for her, except coochie coo.... ahhhh!!!

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    i would suggest doing what i did i put my daughter in care and went to tafe and re studyied year 8,9,10,11,12 equivalents. All done as study at your own pace adult learning altho i was only young at time thats what they had available at least i have competed school now and i can say to my daughter "hey i completed school even tho i had you!" You can do it too if u want!!
    I want my daughter to be proud and not ashamed of me thats why i went back to school plus these days u need at least year 10 hope that helps happy to chat more with you

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    Dont let him get awya with not supporting your child finicially... even if you can give her what she needs, take him and get your child support... make a account for bubs and put it in there for her!!!


    or he will continue to think he can walk all over you for the rest of her life

    as for school, find a adult schooling place and they normally accomodate for children.

    Best of luck

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