thread: Probably at the lowest point in my parenting journey

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    Hunny I would just be thankful that I had some money that I could take from somewhere. You can always put it back later. I have been in this position and while it might not feel great at least you can provide food for the kids. Tell X to pull his finger out and give back the money he owes you. No excuses. If he still doesn't then tell his family and they can make him pay it back

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    I know how bad as a parent you feel for taking from them, but you've done it for survival and to avoid the manipulation (small and large) that can accompany an un-mutual seperation. There's a HUGE difference between that and being selfish.....keep doing what your doing, because it is right for you, and only you has the right to judge-not anyone else. xx

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    Hun that does not make you a bad mum it means you are resourceful and thinking of ways around things. You and your kids need to eat so you found money.

    Don't feel bad you are a wonderful mum and your kids will thank you when they are older xoxo

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    I'm not feeling so bad now. Long as I don't look at the bank

    If he ever does give me money, I'll be paying them back & buying myself that bottle of Jimmy I can't afford. May as well enjoy these accusations!

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    I'll drink a Jimmy for you AND with you if you stop by Mindarie in Perth!! There's always a bottle saved for emergency-mate situations!!! And a couple of spare kids to keep us busy!!

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    I've raided my DSs money boxes for 5c pieces to buy milk. DH didn't give a *****.

    You do what you need to do to get by.


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    Sorry things are so tough Are you claiming child support from him?

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    I'm sorry things are so tough for you.
    But isn't that money there to look after your kids? It's not like you've taken food from their mouths to live it up yourself...

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    Yeah, I'm claiming cs, but he doesn't care. I 'chose the single life'.

    They can't collect either, coz I don't know who he's working for. He works for different contractors year round.

    Sunny09- next time I'm up that way

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    Clover, I'm with everyone else. You have done the best possible thing by your kids in relocating them. Your ex is the issue, not you. You will have time to rebuild their accounts, some day - in the mean time they will have food in their tummies and an awesome Mummy who loves them and is doing an incredible job. Hugs love.

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    bilby got given $10 for xmas, it was assumed i banked it for her, but when i saw that $10 in the envelope, my first thought was "now i can buy bread, milk, butter etc", i felt very low doing that, so i now where you're coming from.

    there seem to be alot of loopholes, to get out of playing Child Support (your ex is a case in point), the system sure needs sorting out.

    i don't know your situation, but i'm reading between the lines, you might have just relocated, getting set up, buying a fridge etc. If my guess is right, setting up a new address is always an expensive thing to do, always messy. If you can survive the anxiety of a big move AND you're keeping your kids fed, clothed and safe in their beds, you're doing well Clover. Anything else is gravy.

    i know, it still sucks. You would have loved NOT to ahve touched their bank accounts, i know hon.

    Sometimes, you have to make choices that are not ideal. You could have chosen not to buy food. I think you made a good choice, out of the choices you had.


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    I know Gigi. SIL gave me a Myer gift card for my birthday recently... I was kinda disappointed I couldn't use it for bread & milk

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    I've done that. Serially. And I've always paid it back. Abundance comes in waves so when the next wave comes in you'll be able to pay it back, and even add some. Don't feel bad. The hardships you're experiencing at this time are because you're laying the foundation for a better future for your kids. That is something to be proud of.

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    I know where you're coming from. I've been there too, and it feels horrible, but sometimes that's just the way things are. Money sux. You're doing the right thing by your kids. It will get better. Hang in there.

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    Hope today is a better day for you Clover x