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Thread: Question about DVO and Centerlink

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    Default Question about DVO and Centerlink

    Can I hijack for a moment?

    OK well im in the situation where I have a DVO (domestic violence order) against the father of my child due 1st June, and he thinks I aborted her - which is how I want it to stay.
    I dont want anything from him. I would pay to have him out of my life.

    If I simply state to centrelink that I dont wish to persue child support, as is my understanding ill get roughly $100 less a fortnight, is this correct? (im not claiming rent assistance)

    This is actually.. ok.. if its just $100 less, to have him out of our life.

    Or if I tell centrelink I have a DVO against him, will that be excuse enough not to persue child support? Or will they persue it anyway therefor he will find out about the baby (them saying its an issue for family court and he still has to pay)

    OR does centrelink have access to the records of the DVO (i have legal testomy on the application that he is the father)
    Will they persue child support without my consent?? sorry for all the questions... id just like to know now my options

    such as reduced payment, just accept he will be in my life, or should I battle it in family court (he is really unstable)

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    stg - when bubs is born, call centrelink, ask for an appointment with a social worker at your local office. they'll get a record of the DVO and will exempt you from needing to claim child support from him. you'll just need to show them a copy of the docs regarding the DVO

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    oh wow, really? and they wont contact him/persue it without my consent?

    .. what a relief

    Ive heard that they will persue it anyway - and they think the custody is for family courts, not them..

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    Hi Stg,

    My husband works for CSA, and this is what he says:

    It is a centrelink issue whether or not they will grant an exemption, but exemptions seem to be granted in instances of domestic violence, if that is what the social worker has determined in the case.

    Centrelink cannot register a case for you, if anything they will cut your FTB. If for some reason exemption is not an option (hypothetically), you can chose not to register a case and go on the base rate of FTB. CSA will not persue him for anything unless you register a case

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    Yeah - true.

    You have the paperwork and the DV already, you just need to speak to the Social Worker at C'link. I'm sure you will be ok and get the full rate xoxoxoxo

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    wow what a relief. Thanks heaps guys.

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