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Thread: Saying hello!

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    Smile Saying hello!

    Just wanted to introduce myself here since I'll be frequenting here a lot. hehe.

    My name is Jane and I'm a 20 year old single mom to an adorable 7 months baby boy (abit bias I know.. ). Been single for approximately 3 months but XP and I had such a rocky relationship which involved many break ups and get backs.

    I'm also a full time student, studying business. Yups, I have practically no social life.

    I love being a single mother. XP and I were always argueing that I never really focused on being a mother - I think I missed out quite a bit when my little boy was still a newborn. I now cherish every single moment with him - they just grow up too damn fast don't they!

    Anyways, just wanted to make myself known.

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    Welcome to bellybelly!

    They do indeed grow up too fast eh? I'm 19 with a 11 month old daughter so we're in a similar bracket I guess.

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    Welcome to BB!

    I can understand about having practically no social life, I am also a full time student, but my DS is almost 3.. I've been studying full time since he was 7 months old. And some days, I wonder where all this time has gone and am amazed at how fast he has grown up.

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