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    Has anyone done this? I need to move the hell out of my 'rents house before they kick me or get divorced, it's ridiculous and not working. I found a website set up for single parents looking for house sharing, holiday sharing (a bit random), babysitting each others kids etc. I joined and made a profile, and sent a few msgs. Has anyone done anything like this before? The site didn't have many people registered at all, I'm a bit disappointed (since it's paid membership). Guess we'll see how it goes.

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    When my mum left my dad (um thirty-something years ago) she set up house with another single mum. It seemed to work well for them, half the rest cost, much bigger/nicer house than either could've afforded, and the benefit of another adult present/sharing babysitting, etc.

    However you'd want to get to know the person a bit before you went for this, I would imagine that different expectations about tidiness, parenting styles, food use etc would all affect the experience.
    Good luck, I hope you can find a really good arrangement that works for you!

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    My daughter and I shared a house with a "friend" last year.
    It seamed like a great idea, half the bills, a larger house, live in baby sitter for each of us.
    But It didn't work out, not the idea but the womans personality. She decided one morning since my daughter was awake and I was still asleep, instead of letting me know (or leaving my daughter in her bed) the house mate got her out of bed and left her in the loungeroom watching a video, which sounds inocent enough, but with my daughters needs she should not have been left unattended whilst awake unless she was in her bed in case she fell over (my daughter has a disability) and she knew my daughter was not to be left unattended. The same women became very controlling over what my duaghter could and couldn't do.
    Needless to say that arrangement did not work out.

    Another person we shared with for a short while in between houses worked great, we both understood how each other parented and understood the needs of each others special needs children. Financially it worked great and the match of people in the house worked fine.

    My advise based on my experience is be careful who you move in with, it can work and have benifits for both sides but you need to be sure everyone gets along and you respect each others parenting style (and privacy). It would be worth, if you can, only going into a 3-6 month lease to give it a trial and make sure it works for everyone before committing for a long term arrangement.

    Given todays rental issues and the cost of living it is worth giving it a go if you find the right person.

    Good luck

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    Hey neenee can you post or pm me the website? I cant find anything like that cz I don't have google (stupid computer ) Thanks

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