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Thread: For those of you who have been through (or are going through) a break up...

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    Default For those of you who have been through (or are going through) a break up...

    This one's for you:

    Susan J. Elliott, author of "Getting Past Your Break-up" posts wonderful advice, including this latest gem: A Letter to your Ex (otherwise known as Bananahead).

    Dear Bananahead:

    Have I you told you lately how much I love you and want to be with you? No? Well, here it is.

    Even though you:

    1) treat me like crap
    2) ignore me
    3) cheated on me
    4) broke up with me for no reason
    5) all the above

    I am convinced that you are

    1) such a catch/brass ring/prize
    2) the greatest person in the universe
    3) the light of my life
    4) a wonderland
    5) all the above

    I am sure of this because:

    1) I have no self-esteem
    2) I am a raging codependent
    3) I like to be mistreated
    4) Damn, I like a good challenge!
    5) All of the above


    Read it whenever you need to!

    Thought this might help some of you

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    Default For those of you who have been through (or are going through) a break up...


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    Love it!

    Gold star post of the day Div x

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    Wonderful timing!!

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    So true. I am embarrassed to say that could once have applied to me. For me it would have been:

    Even though you:
    - are still in love with your ex
    - treat me like crap
    - treat my family like crap
    - neglect your daughter and havent paid child support in umpteen years
    - believe the whole world is against you
    - drink yourself into oblivion on a regular basis, and
    - have unresolved mummy issues

    I am convinced you are
    - the sexiest man to ever wear Levis
    - god's gift to women everywhere
    - the funniest man to never have his own comedy show, and
    - more charming (read manipulative) than James Bond

    I am sure of this because
    - I have unresolved daddy issues
    - I have no self worth
    - I figure if I just love you more you will change and finally, please, please love me back
    - I have disowned my family for you and am scared to admit i was wrong and they were right all along,
    - and I have no idea how I would ever survive without you....

    I much prefer me now than me then.

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