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Thread: trying to get into my pregnancy

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    Default trying to get into my pregnancy

    i have written on here before and told my story. I am in a situation where my boyfriend of 2 years left me at 4 months pregnant, he moved to another state, this had been a plan of his forquite some time as he wanted to start his own business. The pregnancy was unplanned andso i felt i didnt have any right to try and keep him here. Since he has been over there he has contacted me every few days and is always happy to speak to me, he is also starting to show moe of an interest in the baby, but i cant help but feel that he is having his cake and eating it too, because im letting him. I am missing him so much at the moment and struggling not to ring hm, i'm trying to play the whole i dont need you card, i feel so uncertain about the future and am finding it dard to get excited about the baby when i dont know what the future holds. any advice would be appreciated as iam feeling so lost. thankyou

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    Aww sweetie

    Its probably a LOT easier for me to type it than for you to do it, but I would tell your boyfriend what you've told us. Yes, starting his own business may be a dream of his, but it takes two to tango. I mean, there's no reason he can't start a business AND be with you, or you could go over there, KWIM??

    Don't feel that you don't have any rights - you got into this situation together, planned or not, and he really shouldn't leave you to shoulder all the responsibility yourself. He at least needs to know how you feel, so you can come to some kind of understanding.

    About not being able to get into your pregnancy, I know women who never got into it, not until they saw their bub for the first time. My own sister had her first baby last month, unplanned, and she's still not sure. Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean you have to love being pregnant, just do whats right for you, and don't let other tell you how you 'should' be feeling.

    Trust me, spend some time here, and it won't take long to start enjoying things again! If you look down the forum topics, there are sections for Belly Buddies - find your group and join all the women going through the same things as you, they can answer all your questions

    Welcome to BB

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