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Thread: What can I do... no help & everyone sick!

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    Default What can I do... no help & everyone sick!

    Hi everyone. Just a question for those of you who have no-one around to help in times of need when it comes to sickness in the household.
    I have no local friends, my only family is my sister who I had a falling out with a month ago & she wants nothing to do with me since & XH lives in a different state.
    DS has had gastro the past 2 days, the first day DS was constantly vomitting & had the runs aswell & still. DD is now vomitting no runs yet. I'm starting to feel a little sick in the tummy but that may be due to me being worried about what would happen if we all have it!

    What can you do when you're completely on your own & everyones sick? Not alot I imagine

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    Not much really. But I tend to have a cast iron stomach and don't usually get stuff like gastro.

    I just let it all go - telly, dvd's, jarmies, take away no housework until I can get my sorry butt back off the couch. I let the kids sleep in my bed too and that usually helps
    If I'm sick with something yukky I wouldn't call anyone unless I was literally dying because I wouldn't would them to catch it and 99% of my friends have kids and it's the last thing anyone needs!
    Hope your tummy stays strong.

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    when this happens here (we usually all fall sick when DH is away with the army) my kids live off vege chips, saladas and anything else that doesn't require any more effort then opening a packet (and hopefully less then that). And the house becomes so disgusting that DOCS would be appalled if they saw it.

    Huggs. unfortunately there isn't much you can do, other then just get through it any way you can.

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    Oh my, I really feel for you. I am sick ATM, but DS and DH are currently fine, and even with that I am finding it hard going. My house is a disaster zone and DS has been surviving off canned spaghetti for a few days now (he loves it).

    Like others said, I figure just let it all go and do what you can to get through.

    Big hugs.

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