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Thread: What has been the hardest part of being a single parent so far?

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    Question What has been the hardest part of being a single parent so far?

    id love to hear others stories, what has been their toughest 'times' being a single parent..
    i ask this as when i think about it for, it hasn't been the lack of support, the financial hardship, the sleepless nights etc (Although they are very hard at times).. the hardest part is the uncertainty, the unpredictability of xp and seeing him although i remind myself I'm doing it for dd and that's how i get through it.. Although i know the relationship between us is better now, although we don't see him to often mind you.

    I would Love to hear your stories and also the positives for you too , How you all do it and keep moving forward etc

    thanks xoxo

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    I think for me it has been the lack of support, not being able to just 'hand over' the baby for even an hour to get some sleep, and when he is sleeping I feel like I have to run around and do housework/washing/scrounge a meal etc... But then I don't have an XP to deal with...

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    Dealing with the fallout (including Court proceedings) after XH assaulted my then 2 year old. And the consequential emotional damage on both my children for which they are STILL Undergoing weekly therapy (at my sole cost)

    The complete responsibility for everything about my sons, including being their sole financial provider.

    But I wouldn't give it up for the world. I couldn't walk on eggshells anymore. I'm such a better person now.

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