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    Hi ladies,

    Has anyone tried these nappies?


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    I haven't heard of them before - but they look ok. You never know unless you give it a go I suppose.

    Had to laugh at some of their explanations though - oooh they use the best quality microfibre because bamboo takes too long to dry. Yup thats true, bamboo does take longer, but it absorbs a hell of a lot more and can be used overnight.. LOL

    And the thing about the hook and loop not being used cos it can collect lint and stop its stickyness? Um hello - clean the bloody things out if they get lint in them.. ROFL..

    *cough cough*

    but yeah, other than that, you won't know unless you buy one.

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    They are very similar to Fuzzibunz pockets from what I can tell. I have used my fuzzibunz pockets for 2 babies now and they have been great. They can be bulked up with extra inserts for night and they do dry quickly which is good for cooler climates. I also like the snaps and they make it easy to adjust for different sizes.

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    I have these and love them. They are the same as fuzzibums as honey child bought the fuzzibums company. I would like them to venture into patterns though LOL.

    I do have the bamboo inserts though for nights I use one standard insert one booster and one bamboo. DS is older though and not weeing as much at night. I wash my nappies every night and at the moment with it being winter Ihang tham on a clothes horse over night in front of the heat pump and they are dry by the morning.

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