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Thread: Poop stains...bum g's

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    Default Poop stains...bum g's

    I love my bumgenius, i honestly do not have a bad thing to say about thier performance but am getting annoyed at the fact that everytime i wash them, poop stains still remain mostly in the leg elastic bit so i hang in sun to dry and to bleach the stain out as usual but its just not happening in the leg bit. Is it something im doing wrong? If DS does a poop in one i take the insert out, rinse it, then rinse the nappy, then wash usually the same day... or sometimes i put the nappy in a rinse and spin cycle then will wash later. Any hints or tips to avoid these stubbon poop stains in the elastic leg bit?

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    When you rinse them, try and stretch the leg elastic out fully and make sure it is rinsed completely before washing...Not sure if you are using a Little Squirt or similar, but you will probably find stretching hte elastic out easier if you rinse them in the laundry sink so you have both hands free

    And of course what you are already doing with the sun light (if you can find some )

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